A. Your password needs to be reset. Contact your system administrator. Or send an email to service@taylored.com.
A. You have two options: 1) have your mailbox reset by contacting your system administrator (or send an email to service@taylored.com). Doing this erases the previous recordings (as well as any messages) and turns on the set up tutorial; or 2) re-record the current name and greetings. Log into the mailbox and at the main menu, choose option 3 to “Manage Your Mailbox”.

To Record Your Name

  • Choose option 2, then option 6
  • Begin recording at the tone, press # when finished.
  • To save, press 9

To Record Your Greeting:

  • Choose option 1 (change your greeting)
  • Enter greeting number (1 thru 7)
  • To review, press 1
  • To re-record, press 2
  • To save, press 9

To Change Your Security Code

  • Choose option 2, then 3
  • Enter your new security code
  • Enter your new security code again
  • To save, press 9
A. Call your direct number (if you have one); call the designated “backdoor” number or call the office main number. When you hear the greeting, press *. You’ll be prompted to enter your mailbox number and security code.