Most phone systems can be utilized as a paging system by using the speaker on the desk phone. However, many businesses need or are even required to have an office paging system or Mass Notification System in place. These systems are used for a variety of applications from emergency notifications, break tones or simply trying to locate someone in the building. These notifications are delivered by an interface via a phone system or microphone with an amplifier connected to ceiling speakers or higher powered horns for areas requiring louder paging such as a factory environment.

Paging SystemThere are different types of overhead or warehouse paging systems. The right paging system for you or combination of systems can vary for individual applications.

There are also many options for you to consider for your paging needs, such as the type of telephone interface you may need or you may have the need for multiple zones or buildings.

The different types of systems are listed below:

25 or 70 Volt Paging System

This system requires an amplifier interfaced to your phone system or microphone. It uses a 2-conductor 16/18 gauge wire shielded or unshielded for cabling. There are several types of speakers and horns to choose from.

Self Amplified System

This system requires an interface to your phone system or microphone. As the name implies, each speaker, or horn, has a small built-in amplifier. These require 24-volt power supplies and each speaker requires 4-pair category 5e or category 6 cabling.

SIP Paging Systems

This system can be combined with traditional paging systems when there is a need to reach additional buildings in a campus environment or across the world. With a network-based SIP paging system you can page over the data network to IP speakers or analog paging system. The system can be configurable from a web browser.

Sound Masking

Sound masking may also be used for overhead paging in an office environment. See additional information.