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With the recent tragic increase in violence, bullying and intrusions in schools and on university campuses, it has never been more important to protect students and faculty. For school administrators looking to help provide much-needed peace of mind and increased safety for their campuses, updating or adding school security cameras and surveillance systems can be a powerful first step. 

The deployment of video surveillance cameras in schools can provide a variety of benefits that help increase security, including: 

  • Supports law enforcement efforts in times of crisis
  • Deters negative events like vandalism, bullying, theft and violence
  • Provides video documentation and protection for both teachers and students in the event of legal action regarding accused violence, discrimination or harassment
  • Gives parents, students, faculty and staff unparalleled peace of mind

Although implementing school security systems is becoming an essential step for increasing school safety nationwide, doing so can be challenging for some districts and universities. Whether the hurdles are infrastructural, administrative or budgetary, finding a reliable, local provider of technology solutions can be extremely beneficial in implementing a solution that is right for your organization’s goal, budgets and regulatory requirements. 

For over 35 years, Taylored has been one of the Indianapolis area’s leading providers of technology solutions and services, including school security camera systems. 

Types of Schools We Serve

Taylored understands the importance of keeping schools safe. That’s why we offer comprehensive school surveillance cameras and security systems that give campuses the protection they need at a price their allocated budget can afford. All of our school video security systems are customized for each of our clients, ensuring that no matter the school — elementary or intermediate school, high school or college — students, teachers and faculty are protected with the best technology for their needs.

Perhaps surprisingly, elementary schools are in as much need of school security cameras as other types of schools. Although the students are younger, the buildings are still susceptible to unwanted intrusions and potential safety threats. In addition, parents of elementary-age children may gain peace of mind knowing that their young children are watched over by their school’s security system. 

High schools are one of the most popular types of schools to install video surveillance cameras. High school-age teens are at risk of experiencing not only school bullying but also school violence, from either an outside source or a troubled student. High school security camera systems are common in schools throughout the country for these reasons. 

How Much Do School Surveillance Systems Cost?

Despite the many benefits of school surveillance cameras, some administrations may be wary of installing them due to the expected cost. However, school video security solutions are much more affordable now than they were decades ago. Higher demand and improved technology has helped lower the cost of surveillance cameras for schools. 

In addition, school administrations can help lower the amount they spend on security cameras by hiring an experienced provider to help them create a strategic security solution that is effective and works within their budget. The key to doing so is prioritizing camera manufacturers, image quality, software and angles of view to lower costs where possible and decrease the total number of cameras needed while also maintaining the necessary level of coverage. 

Reasons to Upgrade Your School Surveillance System

For schools without any security system or video surveillance, a thoughtful look at the benefits of video surveillance cameras should be more than enough to convince even the wariest of administrators. There are many advantages of having security cameras in schools, including: 

  • Discourages negative behavior
  • Protects the health and safety of students, faculty and staff
  • Easy to access and operate by the school administration
  • Allows for easier hall monitoring and suspect location in the event of an emergency
  • Can be integrated into other security systems, such as intrusion alarms, access control systems, motion detection, etc. 

For school administrators who feel they already have a reliable school video security solution, it’s important to understand the speed at which video surveillance technology evolves. School security camera systems have come a long way since the CCTV technologies of the past. Today, school surveillance cameras are just one aspect of fully integrated security solutions that help keep students, faculty and staff safe. 

By combining high-resolution cameras with mobile surveillance tools and state-of-the-art access control solutions, modern safety solutions far exceed the school video security systems that most campuses currently use. 

School Surveillance System Features 

Today’s school security cameras have advanced features that make them superior to the old systems many school administrators are used to. Not only are cameras higher resolution than ever before, but they can be equipped with user-friendly features like night vision, motion detection, audio capabilities and intelligent software. From allowing computer access to the school security camera system to offering nearly unlimited storage capacity, cloud-based school security camera systems can add even more value. 

With regard to parents or faculty who have privacy concerns, it’s helpful to remember that most school districts or universities will have clearly defined policies around school security camera systems to ensure the safety and privacy of students, teachers and staff. For example, there should be clearly defined protocols determining when and where video and audio can be recorded and what the district can do with that information. In addition, local state and federal laws clearly outline the requirements that public locations must adhere to in order to deploy video and audio surveillance solutions. 

Why Choose Taylored for Your School’s Security System Installation

When it comes to providing video surveillance cameras and security solutions to schools across the Indianapolis area and beyond, Taylored’s expert team can help guide administrators to a custom solution that works for their unique needs. 

We’ve spent almost 40 years working with businesses and organizations of all kinds on their technology solutions. Over time we’ve perfected our ability to offer professional commercial surveillance system recommendations that are in line with our clients’ needs as well as professional installation that ensures the most functional and effective systems possible. 

Contact us today to see how we can help your school or university implement a video surveillance solution — and begin better protecting your students, teachers and faculty.