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Taylored Systems has demonstrated a commitment to providing our customers with state-of-the-art, cost-effective and dependable solutions for more than 30 years for voice systems, including VoIP phone services. Our relationship begins with evaluating your current state of technology – including infrastructure and hardware – to develop a custom solution that aligns with your long-term business goals. And because we offer a full suite of voice and data solutions, you only work with us as opposed to several providers for one project.

In today’s fast-paced world, your company’s VoIP phone system has to be cutting edge, cost-efficient and completely reliable. Let Taylored Systems create a customized communications service package that matches your specific business needs.

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Unified Communications

Our unified communications solutions offer a suite of applications that allow employees to work efficiently through mobility, unified messaging, presence management, desktop integration, soft phone, instant messaging/chat, web, audio, and video conferencing.

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Business Phone Service

Through our multiple provider relationships, we’ll consider a number of voice solutions to help determine the best business phone system for your company. By analyzing current phone, long distance and internet bills we compare your existing solutions with more cost-effective offerings and determine the highest performance for your specific needs. Plus, we share our recommendation with no obligation. Taylored Systems designs and manages your small business phone system from start to finish, eliminating the headache with a Business Phone Service provider. Call us today to find out how we can make your life easier.

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24-Hour Service

Our technical support team is second to none. Our industry leading technicians undergo regular training from a select group of manufacturers and each of these professionals is certified in the latest products and technologies. With 24/7 dispatch customer service, we’re prepared to respond to any communication need you have in order to keep your system running seamlessly.

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Business Phone Systems

Phones and instant communication are often taken for granted in our culture. As with many important and necessary business investments, education is absolutely necessary in order to make the correct selection. Business phone systems are a confusing world of acronyms and “latest and greatest” claims. Here is where Taylored Systems becomes your trusted advisor. Using our attention to detail, history of success, and decades of experience in creating custom solutions, we work to find the correct communications platform for your business, regardless of size and complexity of needs. After all, we’ve been installing phone systems for small businesses for over 40 years. Since before some of our employees were born.

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Contact Center Solutions

A true definition of a hosted contact center is a coordinated system of people, processes and technology used to manage inbound and outbound customer contact. Some believe that only large businesses can reap the rewards of investment in a cloud contact center but the fact is that every business can benefit from an integrated call center solution, allowing you to get the right call to the right place quickly and efficiently. Contact center solutions also provide customized reports and real time statistics as well as advanced call routing.

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Hosted Phone Systems

Hosted or off-premise phone systems are the newest addition to the phone system family. Like everything in technology, hosted unified communications systems utilize the flexibility of the cloud and are typically hosted in a data center. The idea is that your system is no longer in-house, offering a level of disaster recovery, but instead is connected to your office(s) via the internet, while still remaining feature rich. Hosted systems come in multiple options from barebones to full feature unified communications solutions. Selecting the correct hosted solution can be a confusing process, so contact us today and let us help you optimize your business.

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Paging System

Most phone systems are capable of paging through the speaker on a desk phone. However, many businesses need or are required to have a Mass Notification System or Overhead Paging System, in place. These notifications are delivered by an interface via a phone system or microphone with an amplifier out to ceiling speakers or high-powered horns. There are other options to consider for your paging needs such as the type of telephone interface or you may have the need for multiple zones or building. These office paging systems also enable you to provide music or broadcast information over the system.

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