Caring for Patients Is Your Specialty.
Managing Health Care IT Is Ours.

When you work in the health care field, you maintain a great deal of sensitive and confidential data. Whether you’re updating electronic medical records, reconfiguring a data center or simply increasing user support, you need powerful and agile medical IT support to manage and protect your growing workload.
Additionally, many hospitals and health care facilities are unaware of the critical weaknesses of their IT security infrastructure, which make them vulnerable to a whole host of cyber threats. Failure to address this oversight can result in compromised electronic health records, which could risk HIPAA compliance and lead to devastating results.
As IT experts who are well versed in the health care industry, we understand your critical and regulatory requirements. That’s why we’re well equipped to offer you integrated IT security and data solutions to make your entire IT infrastructure more safe and efficient.
We make it easy for doctors, specialists, nurses, administrators, dental professionals and even veterinarians to ensure real-time access to medical data and fulfill HIPAA compliance and other regulatory requirements so you can focus on what matters most — your patients.

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Position Your Health Care Organization for Success by
Partnering With Health Care IT Experts

Healthcare Managed IT Services

Managed IT services

Every health care institution has a unique set of needs — from new business applications and communication tools to business intelligence and data analytics. We’re here to help you manage each challenge and opportunity of health care IT that comes your way. When you partner with us, we’ll help you reach your business and clinical goals while mitigating inherent health care risks to give you a competitive advantage. Our health care IT solutions include strategic planning, system integration, migrations and IT program management.

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Reliable cloud services

Struggling to keep up with increasing data for your hospital or health care organization? Don’t let your lack of data capacity or availability interfere with exceptional patient care.

Our flexible cloud solutions for healthcare businesses grow with your needs and adjust to your fluctuating workloads. You can expect top-tier performance and 24/7 availability of secure and compliant data.

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Healthcare Cloud
Healthcare Security Backup and Disaster Recovery

Secured backup and disaster recovery

EHR. EMR. Corporate and patient financial data. HR records. Strategic planning documents. Your health care organization is rife with critical data that if lost, stolen or leaked could risk HIPAA compliance and result in disastrous consequences.

From multiple storage locations, built-in encryption and redundant backups, we’ll implement tried-and-true services to keep your data secure, updated and always accessible.

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IT infrastructure monitoring and management

When you partner with us, you take the proactive approach to performance issues that could impact patient care. Our monitoring and management tools can detect and diagnose the status of all your devices, networks and backup capabilities. This dedicated visibility means we can resolve network outages or other problems before they become critical.

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Healthcare IT Monitoring

Taylored’s health care IT services simplify your day so you can focus on giving your patients the attention and care they deserve.

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