Cloud enterprise solutions have quickly become a practical and financially sensible option for many businesses, regardless of their size. There are a variety of benefits to cloud computing, including streamlined personnel workflows, reduced IT infrastructure costs and the ability to scale with changing technology. Additionally, in today’s connected culture we often expect to have access to our data the instant we need it. Cloud computing brings all of that and more to businesses in a fast, reliable and more secure manner than ever before. All that is needed is an internet connection.

Taylored Systems designs and implements cloud-based services that can help businesses become more efficient and adaptable to quickly changing technology. We offer hardware- and software-based cloud services along with various options to back up any of your on-site data securely off-site. We also offer wireless networks that no longer need an on-site controller, which can help you save on equipment expenses while also allowing you to manage your network from anywhere in the world.

Virtualization & Cloud Computing Services

As technology changes the way businesses run, more of our work is moving online. This means that downtime can have a massive impact on personnel and business productivity as well as brand PR. Cloud hosting distributes your business assets across multiple resources, reducing the risk of downtime. We’ll help you launch multi-server environments for secure and reliable websites, storage and online applications — so you can work without worry.

Cloud Hosting

Our virtualization solutions will help you get the most out of your current IT environment by delivering a more efficient use of your hardware resources. Taylored can help you find a solution that increases the utilization of your IT investments, reduces costs and consolidates excess hardware.

HaaS, or hardware as a service, can provide your business with the scalable hardware resources that it needs. Adding more physical servers and network switches to accommodate your business is becoming less practical and financially unsound, especially when forecasting the needs of your business. With HaaS, your hardware resources can be scaled to only what you need — and no financial resources are left on the table in unused hardware.

Cloud Storage & Data Backup

Taylored can help you create an off-site data storage solution that fits your business needs. Whether you need a reliable data backup solution or archival storage of incremental daily or even hourly data, we can customize a cloud storage solution that enables you to always have access to the data you need wherever you are.

Cloud-Based Wireless Networks

With our unique partnerships, we provide world-class hosted wireless network solutions. You can have complete control of your wireless network from anywhere in the world, accessing reports to find and address any problems within your network in real time.

Taylored has over 30 years of experience as a trusted partner in IT solutions and services. We are committed to helping businesses grow within the ever-changing landscape of IT, including cloud computing. Our experienced staff help businesses implement and utilize the latest tools in cloud computing technology. Moreover, our services are backed by our unparalleled level of administration and support to assist your business for the long haul.

If you are interested in how Taylored Systems can help your business benefit from cloud services, please contact us or call 317-776-4000.