A true definition of a hosted contact center is a coordinated system of people, processes and technology used to manage inbound and outbound customer contact. Some believe that only large businesses can reap the rewards of investment in contact center solutions but the fact is that every business can benefit from an integrated contact center solution that allows you to get the right call to the right place quickly and efficiently. Customized reports and real time statistics allow management of call traffic and employee productivity providing valuable data for proper forecasting. Advanced call routing improves the customer service experience allowing callers to be routed to the right representative.

Advanced Call Routing

With a hosted contact center, calls may be routed based on time and date, priority, caller ID, menu selection, or dialed number identification.

Queue Management

Your cloud contact center can be configured for queue overflow based on a number of variables, including time or number of customers. For example, if the average wait time becomes greater than a set number of minutes, the system can automatically send the caller to voicemail, the operator, another extension, an external phone number or another queue. The same can be done if a set number of callers enter a queue.

Custom messages or playlists played to callers waiting to be assisted can use audio imported .wav files, system prompts or text-to-speech and can be unique for each queue. The hosted contact center also provides callers the option to leave the queue and route elsewhere in the system including a voicemail or submitting a call back request. When a call back queue is enabled and a caller makes this selection, the system confirms the number to call back and allows the caller to input a different number.

Both supervisors and agents have access to view callers currently in-queue and in the call back queue. Furthermore, supervisors have the ability to move a call to the top of a queue, pull a call from anywhere and answer it, assign a call to a specific agent, transfer a call out of a queue, or direct a call currently in-queue to a voicemail box – all in real time. Contact Taylored Systems today to learn more about these options.

Real Time Statistics

Available statistics within the cloud contact center include current agent status such as on a call, available, unavailable, the length of time spent in said status, the number of calls currently in queue as well as average and max wait times for these calls. The statistics on all answered and abandoned calls, including length of time the caller waited before abandoning, call-back requests and completion, may also be tracked.

Unified Desktop

Agents can manage incoming and outgoing call functions from the computer, view queue group statistics, send instant messages, and easily view and change presence.


Historical reports that provide data regarding agent activity and call detail help supervisors manage staff and plan appropriately through analyzing call volume patterns. Hosted contact center solutions enable you to easily create, view and archive customizable reports that allow you to analyze performance and forecast future staffing and requirements.


Supervisors have access to valuable real time statistics as well as the ability to jump in and coach agents during a call.

Call Recording

Full time and on-demand call recording in a cloud contact center is a helpful tool used in employee training to manage quality and improve customer service. Let Taylored Systems help you build the right hosted contact center for your company today.