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The manufacturing industry faces an increasing number of significant challenges — complex supply chains, a skilled labor shortage, competition from automation and plenty more. Each of those challenges affects your strategic business goals and whether or not you can achieve them. But the big-picture tasks of running a successful business are your first priority. And when you’re focused on internal operations, new business models and improving customer service, it can be difficult to maintain the necessary IT operations that form the backbone of your business.

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Best-in-Class Manufacturing IT Services to Boost Your Business

The smartest way to manage these business challenges — and free up more time for strategic business initiatives — is to partner with an experienced IT provider that can manage your manufacturing-specific IT needs. Here at Taylored, we apply thirty years of expertise to create an agile, innovative and streamlined IT infrastructure for your business. That includes:


Security you can count on

Safeguard your company’s most valuable asset — your data — with our proactive security measures. Whether it’s unintentional data sharing with outside partners or the threat of a malware or cyber attack, we detect, prevent and quickly recover from any security issues that threaten your business.

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Peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring

IT issues like system outages can slow your daily business operations, which are costly and damaging to your productivity. Worst of all, they make potential customers think twice about working with you. Our 24/7 proactive system monitoring and remote management services are designed to identify and address IT issues — before they become a problem.

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24/7 monitoring

Worry-free compliance

As a manufacturer, your first priority is the production process. But regulatory and compliance issues are still a necessary focus, both for production regulations and consumer safety. With continuous auditing and reporting, we shoulder the task of ensuring that you’re always in compliance, so you can focus on your production and customer service instead.

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Strategic planning for a stronger business

Every manufacturing business needs an expert IT strategy to remain competitive. From innovative project planning to establishing well-researched IT goals and objectives, our comprehensive portfolio of IT solutions ensures the streamlining and success of your manufacturing business.

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Strategic planning
Data made simple and reliable

Data made simple and reliable

With information flowing between multiple users and multi-location manufacturing facilities, it can be a virtual nightmare to streamline your business data. Our cloud computing solutions offer protected access in one central location. Whether the cloud or a hybrid solution is the best fit for your business, we make sure your data is accessible at any time, from any device.

Around-the-clock assistance

Innovative technology is a must for a manufacturing business to remain competitive, but application errors or equipment failure can wreak havoc on an already busy schedule. Our friendly IT engineers are here 24/7 to assist you with any issues. We ensure hassle-free network performance, so you can focus on production schedules and product deadlines instead.

Around the clock

From the warehouse floor to the office headquarters, we’re here to streamline your business-wide IT infrastructure — so you can accomplish more in your manufacturing business.

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