Structured Cabling Installation and Design

Voice and data cabling, structured cabling, ethernet cabling, wiring, network cables…these are all terms used for structured cabling.

Structured cabling is the low voltage copper or fiber wiring in the walls that makes up a cabling system. These telecommunications cables connect your computer, phone, wireless access points, cameras, copiers, etc. to your data and phone network. Without a cabling system, we would not have network capability. These cables can also provide power to devices, such as cameras, wireless access points, and phones, using power over ethernet (PoE) technology.

Since the structured cabling infrastructure is the most critical part of your voice and data network, choosing a qualified voice and data cabling provider is a critical decision. Taylored Systems installs all of its cabling system projects to TIA/EIA-568 C, IEEE and BICSI standards with certified installers.

We use only high-end quality products in our structured cabling systems, which are backed by manufacturer warranties. Our goal is to provide our customers with a physical layer infrastructure capable of supporting all applications designed in conjunction with today’s standards. By taking time to listen, study your business and understand your goals, Taylored Systems can install a complete voice and data cabling solution with service and support during and after the installation.

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From laying out a path for backbone cabling to the removal of old wiring, Taylored Systems RCDD staff can work with you to create a structured cabling solution that will meet your voice and data network cabling requirements for today and the future. We specialize in recommendations for new construction or your existing facility. Contact us today to learn more about what we would recommend for your business.

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Our installation team is trained and certified by our manufacturers and BISCI to provide the highest quality structured vertical and horizontal cabling installation. This approach guarantees a worry-free, dependable voice and data cabling solution. Taylored Systems technicians are OSHA-certified and maintain a safe work environment.

Testing & Certifications

Your structured cabling network will be tested and certified to manufacturer and BISCI standards. Our technical team uses FLUKE cable analyzers to test and certify your copper and fiber optic cable.


Labeling of faceplates and patch panels is completed using 606-B labeling standard. A drawing that reflects the vertical and horizontal cabling can be created and provided. This allows ease in locating each cable and point of termination in a cabling system.

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structured-cablin-tallCategory 5e: Commonly referred to as “Cat 5e” is a twisted pair cable type designed for high signal integrity. It is often used in a cabling system for computer networks and is also used to carry basic voice services.

Category 6: Commonly referred to as “Cat 6” it is used to carry Ethernet 10Base-T, 100Base-TX, and 1000Base-T (Gigabit Ethernet) connections. Cat 6 cable is backed with more stringent specifications for crosstalk and system noise than earlier cabling standards.

Category 6a: Commonly referred to as “Cat6a or Cat6 Augmented or 10gig” is the latest standard for enhanced performance standards for twisted pair cable systems. Category 6a is defined at frequencies up to 500 MHz—twice that of Cat 6. Category 6a performs at improved specifications, in particular in the area of alien crosstalk as compared to Cat 6 UTP (unshielded twisted pair), which exhibited high alien noise in high frequencies.

Multi-Mode Fiber: Best suited for premise applications where links are less than 1000 meters for 100 MB/s or less, 550 meters for data rates of 1 GB/s or less, and 300 meters for data rates of 10GB/s or less. There are two types of multi-mode fiber, 62.5 um and 50 um. Our Taylored team can help determine the right type for your cabling system.

Single-Mode Fiber: Best suited for bandwidth or distance requirements exceeding multi-mode capability, or where the application dictates single mode like video.

Cabling Framework

Enclosed or Open Data Racks/Cabinets: A cabinet or rack is standardized system for mounting phone or data modules in a “stack” or rack. Equipment designed to be placed in a rack or cabinet is typically described as rack mount, a rack-mounted system, a rack-mount chassis, rack mountable, or occasionally a simple shelf.

cabling-frameworkPatch Panels: A panel, typically rack-mounted that houses connections for a cabling system. Angled patch panels are available to help conserve space.
Vertical & Horizontal Wire Management: Providing a neat and clean appearance by managing and hiding backbone cabling, smaller cables and patch cords in cabinets and racks.

Above Ceiling Cable Tray System: Either basket tray or ladder rack styles are available to allow for convenient installation of current and future cabling projects.

Abandoned Cable: National Electric Code requires the removal of all abandoned cable. The Taylored Team conducts a site survey, and provides documentation and pricing to remove abandoned cable when installing new voice and data cabling.

Structured Cabling FAQs