We’re Rethinking the Cloud

At Taylored Systems, we’d move heaven and earth to get our customers the services they need. So it only makes sense to bring that same energy to cloud services. Although Taylored has offered cloud-hosted solutions like hosted voice and hosted physical security for many years, we’ve historically managed those services through a third-party cloud provider.

Now we’re taking full control over our cloud services so we can offer you a complete suite of hosted products — all with the great level of service and support you’ve come to expect from Taylored. Whether you need a traditional virtualized server, a voice over IP phone system, hosted surveillance or other cloud service, we can help. Think of our offering as the cloud, remixed.

All the Things You Love About the Cloud + Taylored’s Next-Level Support

It’s been more than a decade since the cloud revolutionized computing. Suddenly, it was possible to virtualize almost any server-supported device or solution. From softwares to servers to services, the cloud provided new flexibility and ushered in the modern age of computing. Specifically, here are some advantages our clients have enjoyed:

  • Disaster recovery made easier
  • Better redundancy
  • More time to focus on core IT initiatives
  • Fewer resources tied up in server maintenance
  • The ability to scale CPU and bandwidth up and down quickly
  • Automated backups in multiple instances
  • Automatic software updates for improved performance and security
  • No need to replace server hardware and software

With benefits like that, it’s easy to see why the cloud has been so popular!

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Cloud Voice

The power of the cloud, delivered right to your phone! With hosted voice or VoIP, we bring you the connectivity, flexibility, speed and mobility of enterprise phone systems — without the maintenance and resource drain of maintaining an on-site phone server.

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Cloud Surveillance

In today’s uncertain world, staying one step ahead of new business security threats is key — and high-quality surveillance cameras and advanced access controls are the way to get there. But high-pixel video footage eats up server space fast.

Hosted surveillance gives you the space you need to store high-quality footage without the extra expense. Add to that our hosted access controls powered over ethernet, and you have a full-service on-site security system without the responsibility of maintaining an on-site server.

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Cloud Computing

The cloud computing solutions you know and love, with the quality support you’ve come to rely on from Taylored. Whether you need private or public cloud server support or integration with Office 365, Taylored’s cloud has got your back.

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Taylored Is Everywhere You Need to Go

Cloud computing changed the game, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. The advantages of the cloud — scalability, mobility, automation, savings — can be applied to other networked systems in your office, as well. Taylored’s Cloud Services lets you reap those benefits for almost every technology asset. Check out what cloud services can do for your business.

Let Us Be Your Silver Lining

We know how difficult it can be to juggle a host of different technology vendors, so we’ve decided to do things differently. We’re offering better service by moving our cloud operations in-house, giving you access to the same Taylored Systems support professionals, technicians and account managers you trust with your computing, connectivity, voice and security products.

Our team members are all located here in Indiana at Taylored Systems headquarters, not overseas. You get full use of Taylored’s staff of experienced technology professionals for a single price, with no surprising taxes or surcharges tacked on at the last minute.

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