A. First, try entering zero, which is a default password. If that doesn’t work, contact your system administrator to have your password reset. Or send an email to service@taylored.com.
A. You have what’s called a “guest” mailbox. To access it, from any phone press PROGRAM, * star, your mailbox number and password. To record a greeting, press PROGRAM, VOICEMAIL, *star, your mailbox number and password.
A. Call your direct number (if you have one); call the designated “backdoor” number or call the office main number. When you hear the automated attendant greeting, press * and enter your mailbox number. For example, enter *250.
From any phone:

  • Press PROGRAM
  • Press HOLD
  • Enter administrator password (usually 12345 followed by #)
  • (At this point, the first menu option that you should hear is: “For system function programming, press 1”. If you don’t hear this, then the password is wrong. Try password 456. If that still doesn’t work, call Taylored Systems 317-776-4003 so we can change the password to 12345).
  • Select option 6 (prompt recording)
  • Select option 1 (main greeting)
  • Enter ID number 540 followed by #
  • Press 1 to record
  • Press 1 when finished recording
  • After hearing playback, press 1 to re-record or # to confirm

Please keep in mind that you will need to put the system into HDAY mode for this greeting to play. There should be a NIGHT button on one of the phones (usually the receptionist) that allows you to change the system mode by pressing it.