Managed Cloud Storage and Backup to Safeguard Your Data

What would happen if your backup server failed? Do you have a disaster plan to save your data in the event of an emergency?

From malware attacks to cybersecurity threats to accidental deletion, a risk to your data can occur anytime from anywhere. No matter the size or industry of your business, you need to know that your ever-increasing business data is always protected and readily available whenever you need it. When considering the pros and cons of cloud computing hosting, we can help you identify the specific benefits that this solution can provide for your business.

Cloud storage and backup services simplify the data backup process for your business by eliminating the need to build and manage a backup infrastructure for your data. When you harness the power of the cloud, there is no infrastructure to build and maintain, no storage facilities to operate, and no staff to train.

Instead, we take care of everything for you. We’ll provide the virtual data center and work with your teams to manage your migration to the cloud while safeguarding your data and maintaining your IT systems. This way, your staff can focus less on the cloud and more on what they do best.

Cloud storage

Business Cloud Storage and Backup You Can Count On

Failproof data storage

From downtime to a full-blown cyber attack, the repercussions of data loss can be damaging. With cloud-based storage and cloud backup services, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your data and files are automatically backed up in multiple instances. Even your backups have backups, which ensures that in the event of an emergency, you’ll have immediate access to all your data and be back to business without delay.

Automatic updates

One of the most effective ways to optimize performance and protect your data is to maintain routine patching and updating of software — especially your server management tools. But when you’ve got a business to run, there’s no time for lengthy updates. That’s when the cloud steps in like a knight in shining armor. Your security and software updates are automatically implemented so you don’t have to purchase, install and maintain them on your own.

Encryption services

Data backups with built-in encryption services give you unrivaled data protection so you can rest easy.

Mobile protection

Today’s IT environment combines physical workstations with an assortment of devices, from laptops and tablets to smartphones. With real-time updates, you have immediate access to the latest versions of data, as well as full protection, no matter where your data roams.

Disaster recovery solutions

There are few things as scary as data loss. Our IT experts are here to save the day, with end-to-end security and disaster recovery solutions that offer ultimate protection from data loss, cyber attacks, network outages and more. In the event of an emergency, you’ll still be able to access your data from anywhere you have an internet connection.


Utilizing the cloud gives you the opportunity to expand or contract your resources as your workload fluctuates. Simply increase or decrease space based on your current needs — paying only for what you use — without interruption.

Our data backup solutions and disaster recovery strategies will help you recover data without any downtime, so that your business forecast is nothing but smooth sailing. Connect with us today for a free consultation.

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