Phone Services for Small Businesses

Through our multiple provider relationships, we can consider a number of small business phone service solutions and help you determine the best one for your business. We’ll analyze current business phone services, long distance costs and internet bills from all carriers and compare them with more cost effective offerings. We will also be sure these offerings adhere to the highest performance for your specific needs.

Plus, we’re happy to share our recommendation with no obligation. Let Taylored Systems design and manage your solution from start to finish and remove the headache as your small business phone service provider.

Through our partnerships we can offer a wide array of solutions including:

SIP Trunking

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is an internet protocol standard that has emerged as the basis for voice calls on both public and private networks. SIP trunking allows compatible IP Phone Systems to use a broadband connection to deliver voice service and IP functionality to your organization. SIP trunks work just like traditional phone circuits that allow DID numbers, Caller ID Name & Number and Unlimited local and long distance calling. Taylored Systems is a verified SIP Trunk Provider so call us today to learn more.

VoIP for Businesses

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that uses a broadband internet connection to enable voice calls without a standard phone line. This allows you to do away with ATT or another local provider, gives you more flexibility. VoIP works off call paths so you only order what you need, and some providers will let you burst up to more call paths during busy times and then go back to your contracted rate when less busy.

Dynamic IP

Dynamic IP is a VoIP solution that combines both voice and data solutions onto one circuit reducing telecom cost plus delivering a feature-rich Voice over IP (VoIP) solution. While traditional circuits require separate channels for voice and internet, Dynamic IP uses VoIP technology that prioritizes and allocates traffic bandwidth on demand, dynamically alternating between voice and data as call volume dictates. With just a single network connection, bandwidth utilization management optimizes network performance and saves your business money compared to separate phone service and internet connection costs. Other common names for Dynamic IP are IP Flex Reach, One Complete, Integrated T1, and Dynamic T1. The data side of a dynamic IP works well as a back-up data connection or you can dedicate it to just remote voice traffic.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“Taylored Systems has helped us evolve our telecommunications systems and give us more flexibility in the way we manage our phones and messaging. By working with Taylored we feel we are set up for future innovations, and feel at ease knowing their service team is there to support our needs ongoing.”

— Mark Juleen, V.P. of Marketing

Company Name: J.C. Hart Company, Inc | Company Location: Carmel, IN

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ISDN PRI is a digital T-1 service that provides 23 individual voice channels for incoming and outgoing calls. Caller ID Name & Number and Direct Inward Dial Numbers are standard features of an ISDN PRI.

POTS Lines

Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) Lines are the voice-grade telephone service that remains the basic form for small businesses to connect to the telephone network. Other common names for POTS Lines are Flat Business Line, Business Lines, Advantage Line, Local Access Line, Analog Line and Basic Business Line. Call us today to find out if a POTS Line is the solution for you and to learn more about our business phone services. POTS are mostly used for fax machine, elevator phones, security systems and small companies that only need a couple of lines.