Press PROGRAM, press 1
You can record Greeting #1 as your “in office” greeting and Greeting #2 as your “out of office” greeting.
Press PROGRAM, press 5, then option 1
Press PROGRAM, press 5 then option 4
Press the VOICEMAIL button (and enter your password if prompted to).
Call your voicemail backdoor number, if one has been set up. Otherwise, call your office number. When you hear the greeting, press (*) and enter the mailbox number or, if someone answers, have them transfer you to voicemail by pressing VOICEMAIL and hanging up. At the greeting, enter (*) and the mailbox number.
Press VOICEMAIL and hang up. The user will enter (*) and their mailbox number.

Guest Mailbox Users (from any phone)

Press VOICEMAIL, (*), enter Mailbox Number and password
Press PROGRAM, VOICEMAIL, (*), enter mailbox number and password