The term “10 Gigabit Ethernet” may sound intimidating, but more and more businesses are adopting this powerful telecommunication technology. 

In fact, many enterprises have already deployed 10 GB Ethernet in their network backbones, data centers and server rooms to support vital applications that require high bandwidth. But it’s not just for the big players — 10 gigabit speeds have become affordable for even small and medium-size businesses. 

The most commonly desired advantage of 10 GB Ethernet is its lightning-fast speed. After all, 10GbE — also known as 10GE and 10 GigE — boasts data speeds up to 10 billion bits per second, which can make a dramatic difference to your productivity. But it offers plenty of benefits to your business besides just speed.

10 GB Ethernet is a smart choice  for any business that wants an affordable and efficient method of high-speed data transmission between networks.

10 gigabit ethernet

Why Choose 10 GB Ethernet for Your Business?

Increased Efficiency and More Room to Grow

If you’re low on physical space or simply trying to conserve the space you already have, 10GbE will be a wise choice for the efficiency of your business. The small rooms full of Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet hardware can now be replaced with merely a handful of 10 GB pieces, resulting in more space and less power consumption overall.

Easy and Convenient Virtualization

Forget about those on-premise servers and storage. 10 GB Ethernet hardware uses virtualized network apps and distributed Storage Area Networks, also known as SANs, to reduce your need for bulk equipment with powerful 10 gigabit bandwidth. Your virtualized network travels with you while still maintaining high-speed connections, which means any future expansions into new offices will be simple, convenient and immediately accessible.

Fewer Bottlenecks

In the past, network design strategies would often put ethernet switches on the network boundaries. This was because the place at which the enterprise network connects to third-party network services used to have less traffic. These days, however, the network edge is full of bottlenecks with everyone conducting online business. A 10GbE virtualized network, however, can reduce the bottlenecks you experience by expanding the accumulation of and switching layers to your network edge.

Greater Scalability

Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet were somewhat limited in their ability to scale upwards, with slowdowns becoming an issue as more hardware was added. The 10 gigabit standard was developed with scaling in mind. Through virtualization, you can aggregate up to eight 10-gigabit switches together as a single virtual switch, which means the technology grows along with your business.

There’s no better way to ensure lightning-fast speed that’s reliable and affordable than 10 Gigabit Ethernet — and we are here to manage the deployment for you. Contact us today and see for yourself!