VOIP Phone Service Solutions to Modernize and Streamline Your Communications

Modern workplaces are nearly unrecognizable from their past iterations. Instead of being chained to a desk for eight hours a day, professionals are working from various locations, conducting spur-of-the-moment meetings and calls, and communicating while on the go. The way we do business is constantly evolving, which is why every team needs a technology-forward communications solution they can access at any time, from any place.

Enter voice over internet protocol, or VOIP. VOIP refers to the technology that makes it possible to make voice calls over IP networks in real time. This technology allows computer networks to operate with the convenience of a regular landline, along with the speed, power and accessibility of the internet.

VOIP communications services offer your business a more flexible and scalable alternative to a conventional phone system, providing the communications framework you need to prosper.

Why Choose a VOIP Phone System for Your Business?

  • No unnecessary costs – Most modern businesses require communication with clients or vendors who are out of state or even international. It’s important to be able to communicate with these partners at a moment’s notice. With VOIP, you avoid long-distance calling fees and use your internet connection for conference call across the country or globe. VOIP phone services are offered by subscription, so you’re not restricted by call length or volume.
  • Designed with business in mind – Hosted VOIP for business gives you access to all the necessities of a modernized communication platform, including unlimited local and long distance calling, unlimited voice mail, and call statistics and recording.
  • Simple setup – Compared to the complex and expensive cabling and setup of a traditional phone system, VOIP is a cinch. Your entire office will be connected and running in less than a day, with no wasted downtime.
  • No hardware required – Because VOIP is a virtual phone service, it’s installed via the internet and requires no bulky cables and boxes or expensive hardware. Simply sign up for your account and we’ll assist in configuring it to your own network.
  • Increased flexibility – VOIP services provide a modernized communication framework for your business, allowing for simple integration with beneficial tools such as unified communications (UC). These applications streamline and optimize your communications, allowing for video conferencing, online chatting and converting voicemail to text, all via a single platform.
  • Comprehensive phone service plans Taylored VOIP services offer you the most advanced communications system in the industry for one affordable price. A single subscription price means no hidden or surprise costs.
  • First-in-class support  When you need assistance, we are here to help. Whether you need help with the initial setup, technical support and troubleshooting, consultations, or just best-practice recommendations, our team of IT experts has your back 24/7.

There’s no better way to streamline your communications and support business growth than with Taylored VOIP services. Contact us today and see for yourself!