What Is Cloud Hosted PBX?

Cloud hosted PBX

Phone service for business is more complex than ever, and it's hard to keep track of the latest developments. You’ve probably heard the terms before: virtual PBX, hosted PBX, cloud-hosted PBX, IP PBX. But you might be wondering what the differences between these different phone systems are, and which makes the most sense for your specific application.

The days of dialing a “9” to make an outside call from your business phone system are over. Voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, has changed the way companies communicate. Rather than a traditional PBX system as its infrastructure, VoIP phone systems uses the internet. Instead of dedicated voice lines, you simply use the same data cables that you connect to your computer. Simply put, an IP phone, computer and smartphone running a VoIP app all connect to the same business phone system.

The “cloud-hosted” or “virtual” part of a cloud PBX simply means that this phone system isn’t housed in a colossal warehouse of servers. Instead, a "virtual PBX" or "cloud PBX" is spread out across servers around the world — the cloud refers to it being stored in and moved across the internet. When you make a call, a virtual PBX communicates to your service provider via the cloud, and your call then reaches its destination. When you receive a voicemail, the system stores it in the cloud. It may sound complex, but it mostly functions like a traditional phone system.

Forget about costly, clunky business phone system equipment that’s tied to one location. Cloud PBX simplifies the way your organization makes its calls — and they are far more cost-effective than a traditional phone system.

As IT experts with 40 years of experience, Taylored Systems unites your company’s communications and phone system with cloud PBX solutions.

How Cloud-Based PBX Benefits Your Business

When you switch to a cloud-hosted PBX, you’ll enjoy immediate benefits, including:

  • Dramatic savings – Never again will you need to buy, lease or pay costly maintenance fees for complex equipment. We deliver your cloud PBX system right over your internet connection. A predictable and affordable monthly service charge means peace of mind around your budget.
  • No more technical maintenance – Have your own in-house IT staff? Free them up for more strategic work that feeds business goals. In the meantime, we own and manage all the cloud PBX equipment, software and upgrades behind the curtain so that you don’t have to. A cloud-based PBX system for small businesses like this can offer dramatic cost savings in internal IT.
  • United business communications Be it over multiple locations, in-office staff, home-based employees, or traveling workers, one thing is certain. Unlike a traditonal PBX, Cloud PBX gives your business seamless connectivity to take business calls or check voicemail on any device, from any location.
  • A competitive edge – One of the best advantages of cloud PBX over a traditional PBX is that it’s forward-thinking. As technology evolves, your phone system can evolve with it.
  • Technology that grows with youAs your business size and needs fluctuate, your cloud-hosted PBX accommodates. With no need for a big upgrade, you’re able to make incremental adjustments to your cloud PBX as you need it. Order the phone system you need now, and add more lines or users at any time.
  • Simplification – Forget about an increasing number of names to add to your vendor list. Our cloud PBX solution offers everything you need — your phones, voicemail and various calling features, as well as your local, long-distance and international calls.
  • Redundant backups – Our multiple data backups and disaster recovery solutions mean our cloud PBX will always provide access to your data in the event of an emergency.

Ready to get started on improving your phone system? Give us a call today at 317-776-4000 to start reaping the benefits of a cloud PBX system from Taylored Systems. Once you switch to our phone service, you’ll never go back.