Using a hosted unified communication solution, employees can work efficiently through mobility, unified messaging, presence management, instant messaging/chat, web and audio conferencing and contact center applications. All of these features let remote workers or remote offices act as one, giving transparency to customers. These features also allow for flexibility, working ½ days from home or catching an important call while on the road. To leverage these and other benefits, companies often see the need to implement a hosted unified communication solution.


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Different Types of Unified Communications


This feature enables your desk applications on your mobile device. For example, single number access, make and receive calls as if you were in the office, presence management, integrated chat and much more. This unified communications solution allows your employees to work from anywhere.

Presence Management

Real time information about employee status such as: available, unavailable, in a meeting, on the phone, or at lunch. It also provides a customized note allowing employees to know how best to communicate. You can customize your presence status, and indicate the best ways to reach you, all at a glance.

Instant Messaging/Chat

message bubblesGives you the ability to send and receive a secure text and facilitate communication within your organization, but outside of the office walls, chat across the hall or across the world, and when you are done you have a history of what was said and actions taken.


A hosted unified communications software application that allows the user to make telephone calls over the internet or a data network using their computer, laptop or mobile device. You can also chat and change your status all from your smart phone, quickly and easyily.

Unified Messaging

The ability to view a .wav file, attachment of a voice message and/or fax from your email inbox on your desktop computer, laptop or mobile device.

Desktop Integration

Click to call internal and external parties, highlight and click to dial from within another application such as CRM (customer relationship management), document, or website. This also includes screen pops, call log, view incoming and outgoing calls, drag and drop for transfer and call handling rules. Call or contact Taylored Systems today to learn more about these and other unified communications solutions.

Desktop Fax

fax machineAllows you to view a .wav file attachment of a voice message and/or fax from your email inbox on your desktop computer, laptop or mobile device.

Call Recording

Full time and on-demand call recording in a hosted contact center can be used for employee training to manage quality and improve customer service. Studies have found that employees who know they are being recorded provide better customer service and present a more positive image of the company for which they work. Call Taylored Systems to learn more about your options.

Audio, Video & Web Conferencing

Group Of Businesspeople In Video Conference At Business MeetingConferencing solutions allow employees to collaborate at a moment's notice or by scheduled invitation. Costs may be reduced by eliminating third party web and audio conferencing services.