Top-Tier Government IT Services
to Protect Your Network, Data and Users

When it’s your mission to serve the public, you’ve got high expectations to fulfill. You’re responsible for not only the services that make your community safer for its residents, but also their access to those services.
To meet this responsibility to the public, government entities urgently need better IT systems that ensure quick, reliable and secure access to networks, applications and servers. Unfortunately, there are often obstacles in the way. Pressure to adopt new technologies that can safely accommodate big data is compounded by dwindling budgets, strict regulations and shifting mandates that make developing and maintaining your IT infrastructure a major challenge. To further exacerbate the frustration, state and local governments are prime targets for increasingly complex cyber attacks that can cause significant damage.
As IT experts with tried-and-true experience in the government sector, we are well versed in the critical and regulatory requirements inherent to your mission. That’s why we’re the prime candidate to offer you integrated IT security and data solutions to make your entire IT infrastructure more protected and efficient.

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Government IT Solutions from Taylored

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Your network is the lifeblood that keeps services running for your citizens. To position your government entity for success and security, it’s critical to plan ahead and have the safety net of a managed services provider in place before potential issues arise. For thirty years, we’ve strengthened and streamlined the operations of countless small to midsize businesses with our expertise in IT management and strategic consulting. We proactively monitor and maintain your network to prevent minor issues from becoming a problem so that you can focus on serving your public.

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Cloud Computing

For a government organization, scalability is key when working with an increasing amount of data and online services. Our cloud solutions scale up or down according to your needs and adjust to your fluctuating workloads. You get on-demand access to all the data and applications you need without worrying about security, technical concerns or maintenance issues.

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Cloud computing
Migration and deployment

Migration and Deployment

Whether it’s a database, computer or data center, one thing is certain — migrating your data from one location to another is never a simple feat. Even minor differences in architecture, functionality or workload management can make your migration a slow and frustrating process. Here at Taylored, we take the burden of migration and deployment off your hands. The result is increased security and optimized performance, done quickly and seamlessly so that you can focus on serving your citizens — with no wasteful downtime.

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Network Security

Government agencies are often the target of cybercrime. You can keep your organization secure with 24/7 proactive security measures to detect, prevent and quickly recover from any security issues you might face. Our multi-layered security and disaster recovery solutions offer advanced protection from cyber attacks, data loss, network outages and more.

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Network security
Web application

Web Application

Internet-based portals help your citizens easily communicate with your local or state government for a wide array of services, from renewing a driver’s license to paying bills. However, these critical community services require the exchange of confidential information and therefore must be protected to avoid a data breach. Our comprehensive security solutions provide constant monitoring and protection, restricted access options, and advanced DDos protection.

Taylored’s government IT services streamline and protect your network so you can focus on what matters most — serving your citizens.

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