Implementing a well-designed, secure enterprise network and utilizing the right combination of IT solutions such as consulting, hardware, software and cybersecurity will drive your business to the next level. The end result of a properly managed and maintained IT solution and computer network plan is a happy and productive office with predictable and consistent IT costs.

For three decades, Taylored Systems has been a managed services provider furnishing clients in Indianapolis and beyond with innovative voice, data and security solutions as well as IT managed services — all supported by our dedicated staff’s superior customer service. We offer a variety of managed IT solutions to help businesses’ IT landscapes stay secure and thrive.

Business IT Services

Taylored Systems’ business IT services offer a new perspective on your business’s current and future technology needs. Our managed service looks at improving your management efficiency as it pertains to IT. Our IT consultants have the expertise and specialized tools to accurately assess the technology environment in your organization. From hardware and software to IT security, we look at your business needs as a whole and identify areas for improvement that will increase IT security, employee productivity, service levels and customer satisfaction.

Managed Cloud Services

With the increase in cyber attacks facing modern businesses, the reality is that your cloud solutions are only as strong as the security protecting them. Taylored Systems’ managed cloud networks and hosting offer the convenience and reliability of a public cloud with the security and stability of a private cloud. Our managed service includes resources to monitor performance continuously and perform regular updates to ensure that your cloud system is as secure as possible.

HoosierVue Network Management

Taylored Systems manages HoosierVue, a cloud-based network management solution (NMS) for SMBs based on COBO technology. Network management as a service with security deeply embedded alleviates our customers' concerns about maintaining a secure local infrastructure. With HoosierVue network management, you'll have a single view of every device per component & port utilization, enhanced graphing, customizable alarm thresholds and notifications, an optional map view, realtime & historical data, and centralized remote access.

Helpdesk Support

Having the right company behind your IT managed services is as important as the network itself. Our staff of experienced professionals provide our clients and their end users with information and support related to their IT products and services. Our helpdesk can support a wide variety of industry-leading hardware and software. By working with our partners, we offer solutions for both preventative and reactive maintenance.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services help you identify and implement best practice solutions to address your unique business and IT managed services and challenges. Whether your goals are to increase network security or to innovate for the future, Taylored Systems' consulting services can help your organization. Our IT experts have decades of experience helping numerous businesses throughout Indianapolis and beyond achieve their long- and short-term goals.

Network Assessment

For business owners looking to ensure their IT services are secure and running at peak performance, our objective reviewers will analyze business technology infrastructure and operational processes. Our system for assessing your network is designed to be comprehensive yet efficient, with customized results that give you a clear picture of your data environment.

Network Design, Installation, & Maintenance

An expertly planned and executed network and communication system are critical to a productive work environment. Our managed service can keep your network stable, productive and secure with a customized solution that fits any voice or data needs by providing design, installation and managed IT services for networks.

Wireless Access

Mobile access is quickly becoming the hub of growing a productive business. With our valued partners, Taylored can help update, design, install and configure your wireless network for your exact business needs. In addition, we can advise business owners on IT security best practices to ensure the safety of data on any wireless network.

Firewall and Router Support

As a managed services provider, we support the ever-growing needs of our clients’ network demands by configuring a router and firewall. Our firewall and router support is customized so all solutions deployed suit the needs of each business’s managed IT services while providing the highest level of security.

Managed IT

Large Capacity Data Storage

Having done business with countless clients from Indianapolis and beyond, Taylored understands the importance of data to modern organizations. We offer various options for increasing or adding to our clients’ data storage requirements in both physical and virtual environments.


Taylored can configure secure connections between multiple business locations — whatever best fits your data specifications — and set your business up for success.


In today’s world, all businesses are susceptible to cyber attacks. With your business’s data, infrastructure and reputation on the line, you can’t afford to become a victim of various threats. Taylored Systems can offer a range of solutions to protect your business.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Taylored can create and implement a backup infrastructure for all your needs, both on-site and off-site, to protect your most valuable asset — your data. In the event of a cybersecurity breach or natural disaster that threatens your business’s data, we ensure that your data is backed up and protected to get you up and running more quickly.

24/7 Network Monitoring & Support

Around-the-clock network monitoring is one of the surest ways a provider can protect your IT assets and prevent a multitude of problems for both your network and your servers. Our customized monitoring can proactively detect problems on your servers or workstations. Should our systems detect issues such as network problems or cybersecurity threats, we’ll communicate with your management immediately and work quickly to get it solved.

As Indianapolis’s go-to IT solutions and security experts, Taylored is here to help all businesses maximize their productivity and growth with comprehensive IT services. From IT consulting to cybersecurity to network design, installation and maintenance, we’re a managed services provider that can help your business succeed. Contact us today to learn more about our full range of managed IT services and solutions.

Managed IT FAQs