Are you provided the best possible service from your cloud service provider?

Yesterday's cloud solution was self-service, focused on gaining new clients en masse. Today, cloud services have evolved into a managed service, focusing on the customer’s business processes to drive cloud architecture and management.


Cloud services are hosting almost every part of our businesses, and having a provider who customizes your cloud platform for your business model is essential.


Read our eBook "The Service-Focused Cloud" to learn how cloud service is shifting in a new direction!

Download our eBook: "The Service-Focused Cloud"

Many cloud services providers are stuck in the past, focused on accommodating the greatest number of customers but provide very little support beyond documentation — unless you pay for impersonal support plans that do not customize your cloud architecture to your business processes.


Either way, you experience cost overruns, compromised data security and inefficient use of resources.


 As problems with the cloud have become more and more apparent, a new model known as  “service-oriented” cloud hosting has evolved to take a more personalized, in-depth approach to cloud management with strategies that focus on your business model. 


Our e-book The Service-Focused Cloud explains how service-oriented cloud providers help you with:

  • Consulting

    Select the appropriate cloud products, capacity and configuration details for your end goals.

  • Monitoring and Adjusting

    Monitor cloud products and adjust configurations as your business grows and changes.

  • Auditing

    Examine existing cloud architectures to ensure that private data is actually private, and monitor potential security threats quickly and efficiently.

  • Analyzing

    Review cloud capacity to ensure that you’re not throwing money away on server space and applications you no longer need — so that pricing is more accurate, scalable and controllable.

Download our eBook: "The Service-Focused Cloud"