Types of Businesses That Can Benefit From Managed Services

You might have already done some research on types of managed services and which types of businesses might benefit from them. And certainly, different industries have different needs. But the core of what makes a business successful doesn’t differ much between the manufacturing, retail, or financial services sectors. The simple truth is that every business can benefit from the help of a managed services provider (MSP). If your business meets one of the following criteria, it’s time to start thinking about partnering with an MSP.

Organizations That Need to Boost Their Security

Businesses play host to an incredible amount of sensitive data — from financial records to customer transactions and personnel files — and all of it needs multi-layered protection. The bad news is that hackers are a very real threat to businesses of all sizes. In fact, small businesses make up 43 percent of cyber attack victims. This makes cybersecurity issues a daily struggle for most businesses. 

A managed services provider, however, will conduct reviews of your systems, network and various technologies to constantly monitor for security threats. They’ll also help create a strategic security plan based on your business needs to prevent data risks and manage recovery in the event of a breach. 

Businesses That Need Physical Security

Unfortunately, it’s not just virtual security that you need to worry about. For many organizations, physical security is a very big deal. With an MSP, you have access to various types of cutting-edge surveillance equipment to monitor your business. Our advanced technology includes door access controls and smart surveillance cameras with features like pan, tilt and zoom, 360-degree coverage, and thermal imaging for increased protection. Whatever your security needs, we offer increasing levels of technology to help you catch criminals and prevent any potential intruders

Businesses That Don’t Have a Lot of Time to Spend on IT

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a large enterprise or a small staff just getting started. The core priority of any business is to focus on running it, rather than worrying about email issues or server crashes. When you partner with a managed services provider, you release the burden of tedious and unnecessary tasks that cause downtime — a drain on your time and the productivity of your business. 

We’ll help manage your data storage, network maintenance, web hosting, email and more 24/7, so that you can focus on running your day-to-day operations. Best of all, if you have any on-site IT staff, they’ll be freed up to tackle more important projects and initiatives that align with your business goals.

Organizations That Need a Controlled, Predictable Budget

It’s no secret that IT costs can be expensive and unpredictable. You can never be sure when a system will crash or hardware will malfunction, and these unexpected costs can put a major dent in your budget. A managed services provider, however, offers fixed monthly rates for IT support services. With routine maintenance and repairs built into your contract, you won’t ever have the shock of an unexpected cost again. 

An MSP also helps you plan for future upgrades so you can invest in new technology. Best of all, with 24/7 maintenance and network security, having an MSP in your corner reduces the chance of expensive network disasters. 

Businesses That Need to Maintain Compliance

Understanding the different — and many — regulations and changing compliance rules in your industry can be frustrating, to say the least. Especially if you’re dealing with healthcare IT, it’s imperative to have a thorough understanding of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and how it relates to your day-to-day operations and overall business infrastructure. That’s where an MSP can step in, offering experienced IT consulting, tools and solutions to help you maintain compliance and keep your cloud protected and efficient. 

Businesses That Want a Competitive Edge

A managed services provider is here to manage your IT needs, but we don’t just help with the present; we look toward the future, too. Think of us as an integral part of your team. Your business is our priority, and as technology consultants, we help strengthen your business through IT decisions that align with your business goals and KPIs. Our qualified experts will also guide you through the benefits of hosted VoIP, cloud solutions and other advanced technologies to give you a leg up against the competition in your industry.

From 24/7 network monitoring to help desk and IT project management, there are many types of managed services, but one thing is constant: Our IT engineers are here to help. When you partner with the experts at Taylored Systems, we’ll help streamline and protect your network and IT operations for safer, more streamlined business operations.