How Engaging with a Managed IT Provider Can Help Indiana Businesses

As businesses become increasingly reliant on technology for day-to-day operations, professional IT support has become a top priority for business owners. Whether they choose to employ an on-site IT department or outsource to an IT support provider, businesses of all sizes and scopes must have access to some form of IT support to keep their technology up and running. 

Many Indiana businesses are choosing to engage with managed services providers, or MSPs, to help them identify and stop potential IT threats as well as address technology issues as they arise. A managed IT provider handles a business’s tech needs by offering 24/7 monitoring, IT management, repairs, and advanced technical support. 

As opposed to the old “break/fix” method of IT management, where businesses would wait until an IT problem occurred and then call a third-party repair team to fix it, engaging a managed services provider allows businesses to be more proactive with their IT needs. Working with a managed IT provider has a variety of benefits for Indiana businesses. 

Quick Recovery from IT Issues

Managed services providers are proactive in protecting a business’s IT infrastructure and quick to respond to issues. With around-the-clock monitoring and advanced support offered 24/7, 365 days a year, businesses can trust that their systems are being scanned for potential threats. And while that usually limits the number of IT issues that occur, those businesses can trust that their downtime will be minimal in the event of an outage or incident. 

This is because MSPs are highly skilled in responding to issues. Their sole purpose is to respond quickly and effectively, giving them much more experience in combating IT issues than most on-staff IT teams. 

Optimized Business Processes

For businesses with on-staff IT departments, managed IT providers can still provide a great deal of necessary support. MSPs typically handle a variety of time-consuming tasks, such as system monitoring, system updates, and more. 

By engaging with a managed services provider, businesses with IT staff members can give their employees more time to focus on maintaining and improving other business processes. With the peace of mind an MSP provides, on-staff IT departments can focus their attention on business growth rather than mundane tasks.

Lower Operational Costs

Businesses that engage with a managed services provider can also expect to see reduced operational costs with regard to IT over time. 

Many managed IT providers offer businesses clear-cut monthly fees that can help reduce unnecessary spending on “break/fix” IT services. By offering professional, expert-level monitoring, MSPs can help prevent potentially devastating IT issues before they occur. And in the event of an issue, businesses can rest assured that they are protected and supported, typically at no extra cost. 

Up-to-Date IT Systems

MSPs typically handle upgrading a business’s IT systems. This means that businesses with a managed IT provider can be confident that their IT infrastructures are not only up to date but also protected from the latest cybersecurity threats. 

This is because MSPs have a vested interest in protecting all of their clients from cybersecurity attacks. They spend a great deal of time and energy staying on top of hacking trends and, as a result, are able to offer businesses an unparalleled level of expertise in combating cyber attacks. 

Long-Term IT Partnership 

When hiring a managed IT provider, business owners not only set their business up for success but also form a solid partnership with IT experts. 

An MSP partner will become very familiar with a business’s day-to-day operations and well-versed in the business’s IT systems. This allows them to be ready to assist at any time and provides business owners with the peace of mind that they have a trusted expert on their side. 

For example, Julie Tracy, the vice president and director of information technology at Community First Bank of Indiana, recalled that her experience with Indiana-based managed services provider Taylored Systems prompted Community First Bank to turn to the MSP again and again. 

“Community First Bank of Indiana has used Taylored Systems in our last several building projects in Westfield and Hamilton and Howard County. Taylored Systems has completed our Cat 6 data cabling, CATV cabling and Cambridge sound masking in our banks, and everyone from Sherry Littrell, our account rep, to the technical staff have been great to work with. They are our ‘go-to’ company when it comes to satisfying our technology needs.”

To see how Taylored can offer your businesses reliable, expert-level managed IT services, contact us today.