Managed Services for Improved Productivity

The business world is shifting faster than ever, no matter what field you’re in. More and more companies, especially in the wake of a massive surge in telecommuting, are choosing to invest in managed IT services. But whether you’re a large business looking to upgrade your services or a small to medium-sized business looking to take a digital dive, we understand that you may question whether or not this type of service is worthwhile.

We are strong believers in managed services for a myriad of reasons. When it comes to pursuing managed IT services, we believe that the boost you will see in productivity alone justifies the cost. Here’s a closer look at what is included in a managed service and how it can increase productivity in your workplace.

What Are Hosted Managed Services?

Business owners sometimes ask this question in an attempt to outsource their data systems to a professional. However, “hosted managed” service is really a combination of two separate terms—hosted services and managed services. 

Hosted services essentially allow businesses to outsource digital storage and other information technology functions to a third party. If for one reason or another, your company has found itself maxed out in terms of server space or IT proficiency, letting someone else store your platform is a great way to free up space for more important purposes. However, with a hosted service, you are still in charge of every aspect of the maintenance. Think of a storage shed you might use for furniture or any other belongings: another entity gives you the space, but your things just sit around collecting dust unless you check in. 

Managed services, on the other hand, refers to an IT provider who partners with companies to manage their technology, whether that’s an off-site hosted service or an on-site data management system or hardware. Here are some key ways that having a managed service provider can increase your business’ productivity: 

Declutter Your Workspace

Perhaps the most obvious way that leveraging an IT managed service provider (MSP) can help your company is by allowing your internal resources to focus on strategic projects that directly contribute to your business goals. By removing tasks like server maintenance and repairs from your internal staff’s workload, you’ll allow them to focus on mission-critical work that ultimately benefits your bottom line.

As far as your data, using hosted services means that you can keep the things you need on a recurring basis handy while offloading the need to have on-site storage that requires oversight. You’ll still have easy access to that data when you need it, but without the need to maintain the servers on which that data lives. 

Emergency Response Time

A managed cloud solution comes with around-the-clock monitoring. Once again, you don’t have to pay your staff for constant surveillance in case there’s an issue; they can focus on other, more mission-centric tasks. With an MSP on the job, you can rest easy knowing that if an issue arises, it will be addressed immediately. 

More important, an MSP will have the necessary analytical systems in place to identify and tend to any issue that may arise. And having the ability to put out fires quickly means that in case of an emergency, your business won’t be down for long.  

Work Where You Are

Using an MSP can often give you and your staff constant access to your data wherever you are. Whether you have people working remotely or simply need something after you’ve left the office, a hosted approach means you’re never without the materials you need. This can mean less commute time, the potential for better work/life balance, and an overall greater capacity for the tasks that matter. 

Taylored Systems — Managed IT Services for Central Indiana Businesses

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