Incorporating Managed IT Services into the Medical Field

Is your medical facility on the fence about hiring a managed services provider for your practice? We’ve seen it before: Many health care institutions assign the role of IT support to whoever has the most free time — which is a rare commodity in the health care industry. Other times, they hire a staff IT person who can put out fires when necessary, but isn’t a skilled enough expert to keep an entire IT infrastructure protected.

When it comes to your IT systems, you can’t afford anything less than expert-level support; otherwise, you’re vulnerable to cyber-attacks, security weaknesses and noncompliance. Here’s why managed IT services are the best solution to your medical practice’s IT challenges.

Stay Compliant with Government Regulations

Whether your medical organization is a multi-physician practice, a small provider of health services or a hospital, compliance should be your number-one priority after direct patient care. Keeping compliant includes everything from safeguarding confidential patient data to following a vast array of predefined and ethical charges for services — it’s no easy task. And as a busy caregiving institution, it’s hard to make time for IT details when there are sick patients who need your help and expertise.

Amid all of this, it’s easy to miss the weaknesses within your organization’s security infrastructure, including human error and inherent security risks. And if your medical practice experiences a data breach, you risk HIPAA noncompliance, with disastrous consequences for your hospital or clinic.

Thankfully, a managed services provider can create a secure computer network to support your IT infrastructure and keep your systems in top-notch health and safe from a host of cybersecurity threats. With secured backup and disaster recovery, you can rest assured that critical data will always be available, even in the event of an emergency. You’ll have real-time access to medical data while fulfilling HIPAA compliance and other regulatory requirements, which means you can give your complete focus to what matters most — the health of your patients.

Protect Patient Medical Information

No matter how large or small your medical organization or patient base, it’s crucial that your IT systems are fast, efficient and, most importantly, safeguarded. A managed services provider gives you the peace of mind that your IT systems are being protected under 24/7 security monitoring service by experts.

Harnessing the power of cloud computing keeps your data and resources secure and protected. That’s because all data and files are automatically copied in real time, fully encrypted and safely stored at an off-site data center. That means that even in the event of a natural disaster or security breach, your data and resources are immediately accessible, without any wasted time spent on file recovery or waiting for backup hardware. What’s more, your medical facility continues to run smoothly, without causing a moment of delay for your patients.

Looking for a Managed Services Provider for Medical IT Services?

Consistent IT support is the most beneficial aspect of partnering with a managed services provider, but there’s even more to it than that. Here at Taylored Services, we see each client as a unique challenge to tackle, since every medical facility has its own specific needs. We do more for our clients than simply monitor and put out fires. We also help plan and support their growth, with road mapping for IT support and technology to ensure the success of IT systems — which leads to a smoother workday, every day.

Contact us at Taylored so we can customize our integrated medical IT services to make your entire IT infrastructure more secure and efficient.