Whitestown Managed IT Solutions

Over the past decade, Whitestown has seen significant commercial development and as companies in the area grow, they need to expand their IT capabilities.

As a company grows and matures, it results in more opportunity and more risk. Concurrently, IT systems that used to be adequate gradually become outdated and insufficient. Smart investments IT can produce massive returns with respect to continuity, greater capability and higher efficiency.

Digital transformations are inherently complicated and can be costly. Organizations must carefully assess various solutions, and some organizations have been turning to managed IT services. Offered by third-party providers, managed IT services can translate into a number of business advantages, including greater dependability and security. Managed IT service providers also offer a company outside expertise, exposure to new technologies and a more robust disaster recovery system. These services also free up in-house IT workers to tackle more value-generating tasks.

Efficiency You Can Rely On

For growing Whitestown businesses, the need for efficient and reliable IT capabilities makes a managed IT service provider an ideal solution. When a company grows rapidly, IT workers quickly become overwhelmed. The company begins to need additional IT capabilities, and this can require skills the in-house team doesn't possess.

Managed IT services don't replace an in-house team, they supplement it. A managed service provider can fill in skills gaps and free up in-house talent to focus on areas of need. This additional layer of capabilities helps to maintain efficiency and organizational growth.

Proactive Security

Unfortunately, many hackers saw the rise of remote work and increased dependence on technology as an opportunity to step up cyberattacks. Remote work is clearly here to stay, and this means hackers will continue to see this dependence on technology as an opportunity.

Companies that leverage managed IT services typically benefit from more robust cybersecurity. Managed IT service providers are typically responsible for assessing a client’s security challenges. This outside expert perspective can expose threats and vulnerabilities, which can then be proactively addressed.

The services provider can also consult with and train employees on security issues. Provider personnel can lay out data breach case studies and explain how their client can avoid falling victim to similar attacks.

Acquisition of Expertise

If an organization is struggling to address a key technology issue, it can use managed IT services to handle specific challenges and obtain advice on how to move forward. Companies that provide managed IT solutions have deep knowledge in many areas and likely have the expertise needed to tackle the challenges faced by a growing company.

More often than not, a managed IT solutions provider has already addressed many common problems with past clients and can use this experience to quickly resolve the same issues with new clients.

Exposure to New Technology and Methods

The IT staff in a growing company is frequently overburdened, making it difficult to keep up with the latest methods and technology.

Managed IT service providers are explicitly focused on delivering value to their clients and this requires keeping up with the latest methods and technologies. When a company partners with a provider, they instantly gain exposure to both the greatest and the latest. While every new tool won't turn out to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, it is still important to keep up with new developments and a managed IT solutions provider can be an effective way to do that.

Enable In-House IT Teams

Many companies use a managed IT service provider to handle routine tasks related to their network, cybersecurity, cloud services, computers, and mobile devices. Providers offer remote monitoring, and some provide around-the-clock coverage.

Depending on an IT solutions provider to perform the essential functions of daily monitoring and service allows in-house IT teams to pursue in-depth, creative or value-adding activities. This can translate to higher productivity and more innovation. Handing off essential services to a third-party provider also helps to optimize investments in an in-house IT team.

Better Disaster Recovery

While it's unpleasant to think about disaster striking your organization, not being prepared for such an event is extremely irresponsible.

At some point, some kind of man-made or natural disaster will likely strike your organization. Power failures, data breaches, hurricanes and even a global pandemic are all possible scenarios that your company should be prepared to handle.

Managed IT service providers can offer additional peace of mind. Providers are responsible for keeping the networks of their clients up and running. This requires regular backups to online and offsite storage. When disaster strikes their client’s IT system, these backups can minimize downtime and accelerate the return to normal business operations.

While disaster preparation calls for a bit of investment, it is an investment that can pay off in a big way should the unthinkable happen.

We Can Provide Your Whitestown Company with the Managed IT Solutions It Needs

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