Why IP Paging?

Most people think of paging as something used in large box stores, schools, factories, warehouses or sporting facilities. Today, paging and IP paging can be much more than that if you have some imagination. With the transition from the old 70 or 24 volt paging to IP paging going across you current LAN or WAN networks, the options are endless:

  • External IP speakers to announce specials or to find somebody (traditional type use)
  • IP Emergency notification or fire or storm warning
  • Mass notifications of a pending event or action
  • Background noise or white or pink noise to keep private conversations private
  • Time clock chimes for class changes, shift changes, breaks
  • Integration with surveillance cameras or door access networks
  • IP clocks in your workplace

By utilizing your current network, you already have much of what you need in place. With servers to load the software, you can add buildings to have one IP intercom system or IP paging system work in multiple locations. Shorten the length of cable pulls, instead of pulling all the paging cables back to the same location, you now just need to pull cables to your nearest switch.

You can now integrate all your locations into one central location, each paging location can be setup to work independent of each other or every location can be synchronized into the same schedules or announcements.

Advantages of IP paging is bringing your technology into the 21st century and using the tools of today. Using an IP address and a gooey interface to make changes using tools that today’s workforce knows and understands, to set up your paging system, maintain your paging system, and troubleshoot your paging system.

Most non-IP paging systems today still use the same basic infrastructure as 50 years ago, one or two pair wire, screw terminals, and amplifier. If your paging is working OK and you don’t want to start over you can add IP gateways in front of the amplifiers and have a fixed or hybrid paging system. This allows you to keep your current investments but adds features like mass notification as well as a host of other features.

IP paging is not thought of as a cutting edge technology, but as your old paging systems gets older and as paging amplifiers get more expensive, IP paging as a mix or as a new system is something you should consider. As more and more business telephone systems become reside on your network, IP paging and gateways are becoming the standard for phone intercom systems.

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