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From the DMV to EMS, digital transformation has the potential to completely alter how — and how efficiently — government services are delivered to constituents.

It’s not enough just to leverage technology. New systems and services must be integrated in an environment of robust digital infrastructure, streamlined workflows, and strong cybersecurity protections. In other words, technology needs to be not only effective but efficient.

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Visualize The Future of Government Technology


In the future, governments will face pressure to move more services online and leverage new public safety technologies while at the same time navigating an increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity landscape.

Prediction #1
More of the same: more services moving online to accommodate citizens who don’t want to do things in person. In some cases, governments have launched entire “digital city halls,” where constituents can essentially take care of all things government from their laptops. This equates to enormous time and costs savings for agencies, but it also requires complex security and infrastructure planning.

Prediction #2
mart cities are coming. The emergence of smart tech and automation is having a massive impact on public safety; more specifically, we expect to see an increasing implementation of the following crime-detection and safety tools.

Prediction #3
Government agencies will face ever more elaborate and sophisticated cybersecurity threats.
Cybercriminals are now able to study the online behavior of users and network activity to design sophisticated social engineering tactics to steal data and assets and threaten organizations.

Get Easy-To-Implement Solutions

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Staying within budget and navigating political challenges while leveraging new online services and new technologies is a tall order. But there are a few simple and cost-effective — and uncontroversial — changes that government agencies and organizations can make to protect their data and streamline the efficiency and usefulness of current online systems.

You’ll learn about key recommendations such as:

  • Shifting to a more centralized IT model can help governments monitor and maintain IT systems more effectively.
  • Understanding the performance of your IT systems and being able to diagnose problem areas is a must for a healthy network.
  • How user awareness training can help. Expanding their awareness, employees and managers are trained to spot and avoid risks, which protects your business from serious threats and helps you stay compliant.

Learn How an MSP Can Help

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Engaging a managed services provider for your government IT systems can help you fill in the gaps in your existing IT management while leveraging cost-effective and more efficient solutions.

Key knowledge you will garner include:

  • When it comes to managing your IT tasks, almost nothing helps as much as having centralized tools that streamline your workday and cut down on wasteful downtime. 
  • Managing an IT system isn’t just about performing software updates. From network monitoring to disaster recovery and business technology planning, it takes a host of skill sets to efficiently manage an IT system.
  • Regardless of whether your agency is poised to grow or your workloads fluctuate, scalability and flexibility are always key in maintaining control and consistency in your agency. 

See How Taylored Is Helping Governments Like Yours

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When you’re dealing with IT systems, one size does not fit all. That’s why the needs of a government organization differ greatly from those of a health care clinic, school or retail business. 

Many MSPs claim to have experience serving government organizations, but they don’t show the proof. Here at Taylored, however, we’ve had years of experience with government clients of all sizes — and we’re still actively helping them!

We hope you found this information useful and will be able to implement changes in your organization.

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