Is An Overhead Paging System Right For Your Business?

Overhead Paging Systems can be very important for almost every business or organization. From car dealerships who need to notify a salesperson who may be on the lot, a school for talking back and forth to a teacher in a classroom (talkback), to an emergency threat response (active shooter) that may arise. Overhead paging and mass notifications systems are also used in hospitals, retail, government facilities, factories, and small offices, as well as for life threatening weather alerts, fires, and hazardous spills. The list can go on and on.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your facility, an intercom or overhead paging system will allow you to notify your employees and customers, quickly and effectively. Paging systems can run standalone or interface to most phone systems. Overhead systems can page to different zones without disturbing other departments. When the system is not being used for paging you have the option of playing quiet music, broadcasting informative messages or hearing nothing at all.

The right overhead paging solution can improve efficiency and streamline your operations by connecting your entire school system, campus environment, office or plant. Get information to one employee, multiple employees or the entire company with the touch of a button.

Overhead Paging Systems also work well in conjunction with Video Surveillance Systems and Door Access Systems to help insure safety and protect your employees and customers.

Listed below are some benefits of installing an Overhead Paging System

  • Mass Notification and Emergency Paging
  • Indoor / Outdoor Paging Systems
  • Night Ring / Loud Ring / Clock Timer Paging Controller Installation
  • Paging Horn Installation: Loud Ringer, Warble, Alert
  • Paging Speakers: Corner Speakers, Wall Speakers, Pendant Speakers, Recessed Ceiling Speakers
  • Talkback Paging
  • Telephone Ringers
  • Zone Paging
  • Background / Overhead Music
  • Auto ambient noise censoring which adjusts the paging volume up or down
  • Night ringers and strobe lights

Do you want to learn more about Overhead paging systems and how it can be designed specifically for your business needs? Contact Taylored Systems to schedule a meeting with a friendly and knowledgeable technical representative today.