Benefit From Understanding The Future of IT for Healthcare Security and Technology

Efficient EHR Workflows and More Access to Data Lead To Better Patient Care

One of the goals of modern healthcare facilities is to provide personalized quality health care and services while protecting patients and their data. However, technology like end to end security, automated monitoring, managing network privileges, and implementing systems like vpn and UC to secure remote access in the medical industry is evolving — which means hospitals and clinics need to keep up, too. But the reality is that many facilities face a wide variety of IT challenges that stand in the way, including outdated networks, computers, software, phones, security, and cabling.

Our free book “IT For Healthcare: HIPAA Compliance May Be The Least Of Your Worries
helps you by making EHR workflows more efficient by covering topics including remote patient/provider conferencing, financial, insurance and health information integrated into one patient record, and more data integration. We also explain how physicians can provide better patient care with more access to the data and systems they need from any device or location, at any time.

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Get Easy to Implement IT and Security Solutions for Wellness Providers


We’ve gathered the best information from our industry experts to provide CIOs, IT Managers, Facility Directors, and other IT professionals in the medical industry with reliable IT and security solutions to evaluate. 


IT For Healthcare: HIPAA Compliance May Be The Least Of Your Worries is our free book that contains clear steps, and solutions for:

  • Multifactor Identification
  • Data Backups
  • Network Security Monitoring
  • Patches and Software Upgrades
  • Systems Audits 

These measures will help you protect your data — even as security threats continue to grow — so you can focus on giving your patients the attention and care they deserve.

"IT For Healthcare" provides practical solutions to everyday IT challenges including:

  • Ransomware: increasingly targeting healthcare providers
  • Data breaches: healthcare data leaks that can have serious consequences
  • Legacy software and tools: such as an operating system (OS) no longer in widespread use
  • Compliance (especially HIPAA): for protecting confidential patient data 
  • Network security: from insulin pumps to mobile devices that require a highly secured internet of things (IoT)

Many Hospitals and Medical facilities are unaware of the critical weaknesses of their IT Infrastructure. Find out what you need to know by filling out the form.


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