New Access Control Technologies for 2023

Considering innovative technology and buildings, it’s easy to think about brand-new, futuristic structures outfitted with cutting-edge technology. But that is not always so. It’s estimated that even in the year 2040, two-thirds of commercial properties that are standing today will still be in use. The need to retrofit old buildings with new tech is present now and will continue to be necessary for the future. This includes access control systems

Access control technology is changing fast. The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to adopt new work and safety technologies quickly. As 2023 approaches, we anticipate growth of the following Access Control Technology trends. 

Cell Phones Turn Into Secure Work Key Cards

It’s estimated that 84% of the US population has an Android or Apple smartphone. That’s why many companies give their workers mobile badges for door access. This is a major improvement in usability and efficiency. 

In years past, we relied on traditional key cards that were easy to misplace or leave at home. But how many employees forget their cell phones on the kitchen table? Almost no one. They always take their phone to the office, so why not use that fact to enhance access control security? The device can be a modern, secure version of the old-fashioned key card. 

Traditional key cards were insecure and straightforward for scammers to copy. A mobile badge on your phone is difficult to clone and far more secure. 

Sustainability is another problem with plastic key cards. They are often dumped in landfills. Mobile access control is better for the environment. Mobile badges on cell phones are a winner. 

More Cloud-Based Access Control

The cloud allows us to upload and store information on remote servers. Gone are the days of physical servers and hard drives in the office. Those old-fashioned ways of data storage consumed a lot of space and energy. These are reasons companies are switching to access control systems in the cloud. 

Plus, your team can manage cloud-based systems remotely. So your team can do their work from almost anywhere. This is even more important now that so many of us work from both outside and inside a company office. 

Cloud-based access control also means your company doesn’t need local hardware, and cloud-based solutions are scalable from one site to an infinite number. 

Lastly, basing your access control on the cloud offers peace of mind and more security. You can provide access to the ones you want and revoke it from others, and your access system is maintained and monitored 24/7. 

With cloud-based systems becoming less expensive, scalable, and sustainable, it’s easy to see why it’s such a strong access control trend for 2023. 

Growth of Touchless Access Control Technology

When COVID-19 struck, contactless technology became critical for companies to continue operations during the lockdown. In 2023, touchless access control technology will be here to stay. One of the trending solutions in touchless access control is facial recognition technology. There also are several touchless biometric tech solutions coming to market. 

In 2023, we expect to see more voice and iris recognition technologies come to the market. In addition, there will be contactless fingerprint technologies that avoid spreading germs to surfaces while providing biometric access. As demand soared for these tools during COVID, they will be more accessible and popular in 2023, resulting in more access control security for your company. 

Increased Use of Video for Building Access

Video access control will boom in 2023. With video access control, you can see who wants access before admitting them, which provides more security. Visual confirmation is the difference between giving access to a trusted employee or a stranger. 

In 2023, we’ll also see video access control in video intercoms. The system allows building visitors to ask for access from administrators through a video chat system. That way, your team can see who wants access before granting permission. 

Increased Multi-Factor Authentication

It’s always better for security to have more ways to identify visitors, right? This is what will drive multi-factor authentication (MFA) in 2023. Instead of relying on one type of authentication, access control systems with MFA require at least two methods, such as passwords, biometrics, and key cards. 

Sure, this isn’t precisely cutting-edge tech. But in 2023, we will see additional growth in mobile access and touchless technology used by facilities managers. 

2023 will be a banner year for access control systems advances. Taylored Systems is looking forward to the continued technology revolution. 

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