What to Look for in an Access Control System Installer

Your business is growing, and you are moving into a larger facility. That’s fantastic news and a huge step forward. But as you’ve probably already discovered (or are about to discover), there’s an entire host of protocols that need to be met, including installing an access control system. Four employees with a front door key just won’t cut it any more. 

“I can probably do that myself,” you might say. Or “I know a guy.” Not so fast. There are a lot of questions to be answered, and a majority of the answers should be left to professionals in access control system installation.

Small Questions, Big Impacts

Let’s start simple. Do you know the laws and licenses involved with access control system installation in your state? Your county? Your city? What about state building codes? Are you meeting those? Do you need a permit? What kind? You need to know the answers to all of these questions before you get started with the installation.

There’s also a general safety concern. Improperly installing locks in a public space, for example, could endanger lives. If the power goes out or there’s a fire and the work has been done improperly, you could be looking at a disaster. Do you have a battery backup in place? How often should you check it to make sure it’s functional?

Choosing an Access Control System Installation Professional

So what should you look for in a professional installer? Make sure to get the answers to these questions before you make your decision:

  • Does your installer know the different types of access control systems? If you want a card reader but the installer only has experience with a keypad system, you’re asking for trouble because they’re very different systems with different requirements.
  • Who is inspecting the site, collecting the necessary data and helping you interpret it? Access control systems are not one-size-fits-all, no matter how similar two buildings may be. 
  • How often will the installer return to inspect the system? You want an access control system installer who is going to make sure you’re up to code at all times and that all of your inspection needs are identified and met. 
  • Will the system apply to all of your access points? Having an access control system is pointless if, for example, the loading dock isn’t included in the setup. You need an installer who knows how to work with multiple points of entry and entry scenarios, and who has adequate solutions ready to go.
  • Who is running the cables? Do they plan on running the cables themselves, or will they leave that up to another vendor? This is an important step. Before anything else is installed, the cables need to be run from the room where the door controls will ultimately reside. The best practice is to have an installer with the necessary experience, especially if your facility already has data cables for other functions installed. Doing it even slightly incorrectly can result in disruptions from further construction down the line or an unreliable system. 
  • How are the components being connected? Is there a low-voltage technician on staff? Incorrectly connecting controllers and power supplies can leave workers trapped in the dark or result in other electrical issues.
  • How long will testing take? Who is doing the testing? How long will it take to implement the new changes? Will you be a part of it? (You should be.) 

If any of these questions can’t be answered to your satisfaction, find someone else. Access control is a serious matter for any business. Don’t leave this in the hands of someone who could put your facility and livelihood at risk. 

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