5 IT Challenges for Banks and Financial Institutions Transitioning to Remote Work

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries have shifted to remote work. Whether full time or in combination with some in-office work, remote working offers more flexibility to employees and businesses. However, it also offers an array of unique challenges for employers and business owners, particularly in industries like finance, where privacy, security and streamlined customer experience are paramount. 

Luckily, modern IT solutions such as cloud-based applications and phones make it easier for businesses like banks and credit unions to meet their goals while working remotely. Here, we discuss the top issues facing remote work for financial institutions and the IT solutions that can help, as outlined in the Taylored Advisor ebook, “Enhancing Banking Culture and Customer Experience with Technology.” 

  1. Creating a Seamless Customer Service Experience

Many owners of financial institutions are concerned with the customer experience when employees are working from home. When clients are entrusting their financial futures to you, it’s important to have a consistent and branded customer service experience. Luckily, cloud-based phone systems offer call masking, forwarding and more to help create a seamless experience no matter where employees are working. 

  1. Keeping Employees Connected

When your team is distributed throughout multiple locations, how will they stay connected? Cloud-based applications offer unified communications systems such as instant messaging and video calling to help remote workers at any location communicate easily and in real time. 

  1. Allowing for Collaboration

In addition to communication, it’s important that employees at financial institutions are able to collaborate regardless of where their office is located. Cloud-based applications offer the ideal level of flexibility and accessibility with online file-sharing so employees can collaborate. 

  1. Staying Secure

All of this online work may raise concerns over client safety and data security. That’s why remote security solutions are of the utmost importance for cloud-based applications and communications systems. Today’s cloud offers multi-layered security and protection that keeps your client and business data safe at all times. 

  1. Meeting Industry Requirements

The financial industry has a variety of important guidelines and regulations that banks and credit unions must adhere to. When searching for a provider of managed IT services and solutions in Indianapolis for your financial institution, look for one that offers compliance audits. These audits evaluate your IT systems regularly to ensure adherence to industry IT standards. 

Taylored Systems — Experts in IT for Finance Institutions

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Our in-depth ebook covers the issues that face modern financial institutions like banks and credit unions. In addition to covering how to manage remote work, the ebook offers solutions for needs like cloud-based phone systems, video surveillance, access controls and managed IT services. 

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