5 Ways a Hosted VoIP System Improves Productivity

Just like all other avenues of IT, business phone systems have gone through significant advancements with digital technology. And while previous iterations of business technology are being replaced with newer solutions, business phone systems seem to be one asset of technology that won’t ever die out. After all, customers will always prefer to talk to a human voice over an automated voice or prompt. That’s why keeping up to date with the latest phone technologies is so important. 

Migrating from an analog system to hosted voice over internet protocol (VoIP) streamlines your communications by including your phone system on the same digital network as the rest of your business. Integrating intelligence into your network eliminates the restrictive boundaries between landline and mobile device, offering a level of productivity that traditional phone systems just can’t compete with. Here are the specific benefits of hosted VoIP. 

Mobilizes Employees

As our work dynamics change, more professionals are working from home or on the go. In fact, a study by Global Workplace showed that the average employer could save more than $11,000 a year for each half-time telecommuter — which is why so many businesses are scrambling to incorporate telecommuting abilities. Hosted VoIP provides a strong and reliable infrastructure for employee mobility without sacrificing communication or collaboration. Entire teams can work from home with the same ease and speed they experience in the office, communicating from any computer or mobile device. 

Makes Integration Easy

If you’re tired of searching for technology that will align with your current resources, hosted VoIP is just what you need. The system is simple to use and intuitive, fitting in seamlessly with your existing cloud-managed solution, so that you can manage everything through one convenient platform. Hosted VoIP can be integrated with current CRM software, and it also supports cloud backup features, accounting systems and project management platforms. 

Optimizes Communication Infrastructure

Because hosted VoIP centralizes your communications in a single location, it eliminates the toggling between multiple email services, chat and messenger apps, or other communication platforms. With a single sign-on integration, you can leverage the security of your own network to safely automate all logins, making it quick and easy to set up your entire business at once. This saves time and confusion for multiple logins, as well as reducing costly errors.

Improves Employee-Customer Coordination 

The productivity benefits of hosted VoIP aren’t just internal; it’s also a strategic tool for coordinating with clients in a more efficient way. Having a centralized communication system means you’re immediately available to customers by phone, chat or video conference — even when you’re away from your desk. 

What’s more, by integrating hosted VoIP with CRM platforms, you can communicate with customers or search for their information more easily, too, since business data is immediately available through any device. You can quickly and easily diagnose issues in real time, rather than frustrating customers with long calls and wait times. This helps you solve problems more quickly and also frees up more time for focusing on individuals, improving the overall customer service experience.

Simplifies the Billing Process

Because hosted VoIP charges are incurred based on a subscription model, you can count on your telecommunications costs to remain steady. This eliminates complex billing processes, since one monthly invoice includes all fees, including those for your remote employees. In turn, staff is freed from the timely task of creating expense reports and waiting on approval from the accounting department or managers for various bills. 

There’s no easier way to make your business more productive — internally and externally — than adopting a unified communications system. Contact Taylored Systems today to learn more about the benefits of hosted VoIP and to start streamlining the way you communicate.