3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Switch to VoIP

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When you start reading up on traditional analog phone services — so-called “plain old telephone service,” or POTS, as it’s known in the communications industry — you start to realize that phone lines haven’t changed a whole lot in the past thirty years. Since the introduction of call waiting and other calling features in the 1980s, analog call innovation has pretty much flatlined.

Essentially, if you’re still using traditional phone lines to handle your business calls, you’re relying on a technology that’s as old and outdated as VHS or the Sony Walkman. Not only does that hurt your business’s reputation, it’s also limiting your ability to grow the way you want to — and to top it all off, it may be costing you more than alternative solutions.

That’s where voice over IP, otherwise known as VoIP, can help. By digitizing your company’s phone service, you gain the benefits of a modernized communications system and the flexibility to scale up and down as needed. Here are three reasons why it pays to make the switch to VoIP.

Reduced Costs

No man is an island, and neither is the modern business. Today’s organizations rely on the assistance of out-of-state or even international vendors, and they need to be able to communicate with these partners easily and affordably.

Put long distance calling fees in the past, where they belong. Today, you can use your business’s internet connection in place of analog phone lines, allowing you to avoid costly long distance rates. Because VoIP phone services operate through a subscription model, your plan includes no restrictions on call volume or length — and of course, no per-minute fees for out-of-area calls. Saving on those fees is probably the number-one reason most businesses choose to convert to VoIP phone services.

Improved Flexibility

Cost is not the only reason to make the switch. There are no two ways about it: VoIP is a way to modernize your business communication systems. And a VoIP phone service provides the infrastructure for productivity tools, such as unified communications (UC). Using these applications, your team can host video conferences, chat online and convert voicemail to text, all through a single online platform.

Although some businesses choose to use separate applications for each of these functions, uniting these tools has its benefits. For instance, a team member can launch a video conference or call directly from chat, instead of opening a separate application with a separate contact list.

UC isn’t the only way a VoIP phone service can make your business more agile, however. Not only compatible with desk phones and computers, VoIP can be used on a company smartphone or tablet as well. Essentially, any internet-connected device can be turned into an access point, freeing your employees to work from home, from multiple offices or from anywhere you need them to be.

Simplified Administration

VoIP converts traditional phone systems into an essentially plug-and-play tool. Any internal IT employee on your team can create new user accounts, manage privileges and access reporting, all through a single administrative platform.

Additionally, VoIP reduces the infrastructure needed to add new work stations to your service. When you need to add a new line, you don’t have to install additional circuits or wiring first. You simply contact your VoIP provider and have them add a new phone line. The only thing you’ll ever have to scale is your internet bandwidth.

VoIP platforms also provide best-in-class phone services solutions like call waiting, transfers, holds, forwarding, direct-to-voicemail, three-way calling and more — and most of these features are simple enough for team members to configure on their own.

The Bottom Line: VoIP Supports Business Growth

The scalability and streamlined functionality of VoIP provides the communications framework your business needs as it grows. Whether you’re adding employees to your team, opening a second location or connecting with a vendor halfway around the globe, VoIP offers the features and flexibility you need to keep pace with the changes.

Curious what VoIP phone services would look like in your offices? Our representatives are here to help. Contact us today to learn which of our voice solutions is right for your business — and how you can bring your communications systems into the digital era.