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More businesses are moving their operations to the cloud. With more productivity and up to a 70% increase in cost savings, companies want to use the cloud to enhance their communications. For example, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a growing way that organizations of all sizes can place phone calls via the Internet instead of standard phone lines.

VoIP converts analog voice signals into digital ones and sends them over your company’s broadband connection. Then, it uses a server to link your phone calls to other phone networks.

If your Indiana business wants to enhance its communications and lower costs, it’s essential to consider business VoIP phone systems. Let’s look closely at some of VoIP’s benefits for your organization.

Taylored Systems VoIP service for business offers Indiana businesses a flexible, reliable, and scalable option to a regular phone system. In addition, we offer a robust communications framework that will aid the growth of your business.

Cost Savings

One of the first things that Indianapolis organizations notice after upgrading to VoIP is their monthly phone bills are much lower. This is because VoIP enhances your communication efficiency. Because you receive calls over the Internet, you remove the cost of running phone lines throughout the organization.

Also, international calling costs are lower. For example, some companies save up to 50% on their monthly phone charges when switching to VoIP.

Fast, Unified Communications

VoIP is less expensive than regular phone lines for unlimited calls. So whether your calls are domestic or overseas, VoIP is the answer. Plus, all phone calls, texts, messages, chats, and voicemails can be handled from just one web portal.

VoIP offers the tools to streamline your workload. For example, you can transfer business calls to anyone’s smartphone, which is essential for remote employees. In addition, call forwarding, call recording, video calls, and conference calls can also be seamlessly managed.

Superior Call Quality

VoIP communications systems offer higher call quality than analog telephone lines. You should have excellent call quality as long as your company has a fast and stable broadband connection. In addition, VoIP systems offer plenty of technology to provide high voice quality, such as adaptive redundancy and voice compression.

VoIP technology ensures that dropped calls, static, and disruptions are a thing of the past. With VoIP, you can talk smoothly with your employees and clients, knowing you can always rely on high call quality.

Ease of Use

Many companies say that VoIP-based telephone systems are more straightforward than analog ones. VoIP is based in the cloud and offers intuitive interfaces that are a breeze to learn.

It’s also easy to install and implement a VoIP system. Taylored Systems offers out-of-the-box solutions that anyone on your team can set up.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“Taylored Systems has helped us evolve our telecommunications systems and give us more flexibility in the way we manage our phones and messaging. By working with Taylored we feel we are set up for future innovations, and feel at ease knowing their service team is there to support our needs ongoing.”

— Mark Juleen, V.P. of Marketing

Company Name: J.C. Hart Company, Inc | Company Location: Carmel, IN

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VoIP Phone System Features

VoIP also offers many innovative features that regular phone systems cannot:

Virtual Numbers

A virtual number means having a local phone number anywhere. Virtual numbers make it easy for clients to contact you, which can lead to more business. Also, something about the “regional touch” of a local area code makes clients feel more connected to your organization.

Call Routing

Have you ever worried about missing a critical business phone call? Call routing with VoIP will ease your mind! Incoming calls can be transferred to your cell phone, home phone, iPad, or another electronic device.

Enhanced Conference Calls

With a high-speed Internet connection, enjoy an unlimited number of people on conference calls. No more limits on conference call participants. You also can use video conferencing to see your clients or co-workers in person.

VoIP Implementation Considerations

VoIP consideration

VoIP offers huge business benefits, but to take advantage of them, you need to consider these points:

Use a Dedicated Internet Connection

Like anything else done online, VoIP calls take bandwidth that may be shared with other systems in the organization. If these systems take too many resources, phone calls will have more latency and lower voice quality. Video calls are even more problematic with limited bandwidth.

For best VoIP results, consider paying for a dedicated Internet connection. Or, upgrade to a fiber Internet line for more reliability.

Use Quality-of-Service Controls

Many organizations have a single Internet connection for all of their digital systems. But no matter how fast the connection is, many programs will use as much bandwidth as possible. Call quality is critical, so you must decide which systems get the most bandwidth to provide the best performance.

Your switches and routers should have QoS controls that allow you to manage your network traffic efficiently.

Use Cloud-Hosted PBX

Some companies set up VoIP on their own server, which is expensive. It also isn’t scalable. Also, cyberattacks or unexpected system failures happen, and having your own server could render your whole phone system inoperable.

That’s why it’s wise to migrate your communication systems to the cloud using a hosted PBX solution. This can be entirely managed online, and cloud VoIP has backups in place that ensure almost 100% uptime.

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VoIP’s streamlined functionality and scalability offer your organization a communications framework to support growth. Whether you want to add employees, add a new office across the country, or connect with vendors in another country, VoIP offers the flexibility and affordability you need.

Taylored Systems’ VoIP services are the answer if your organization wants to streamline its communications and improve business growth. We have assisted Indiana businesses for over 40 years with IT solutions and services. We also offer many affordable small business phone solutions.

Our VoIP team can assist with designing, implementing, and managing your VoIP system. You’ll enjoy the best call quality and scalability with VoIP.

Taylored Systems serves Indianapolis, Noblesville, Carmel, Columbus, Plainfield, Westfield, Whitestown, and other communities throughout Central Indiana. Contact us today to learn how your organization will benefit from a Taylored Systems VoIP system.