Why We Chose NEC Phone Systems

You don’t run a business for over 30 years without learning a few things along the way. And what we’ve come to understand from our decades installing office phones is that every organization is different. Each one has its own unique culture, operations and needs — and  individual site challenges that make planning a new phone system a complex and highly intricate process.

Owing to those distinctions, a one-size-fits-all approach to phone equipment just doesn’t work. Specifically, when we were shopping for equipment providers, we wanted to choose one that could serve small to mid-sized businesses in the process of developing their operations. Our aim was to offer freedom of choice to organizations that need new phones but — because of their cabling, their local area network or their Internet service — are not ready for a fully hosted or on-premise VoIP system.

NEC’s products fit that description to a tee. Their hybrid phones allow you to invest in a traditional time-division multiplexing (TDM) system now, while positioning your company for a more robust voice-over-IP (VoIP) network down the line. And since these product lines are both TDM- and VoIP-compatible, you can rest easy, knowing your equipment investment isn’t going to waste.

It’s not just about the quality of the equipment, however. NEC boasts an impressive resume of first-class phone service suites and high-level installations. Their reputation in the business technology field is unparalleled, and they’ve been consistently recognized as a market leader, earning a number of distinguished awards — and racking up more than 64,000 patents along the way.

Get to Know Taylored’s Selection of NEC Products

Here at Taylored, we know a phone system is more than just the phones. It’s the ability to connect to the employees you count on to run your business and the chance to develop rich relationships with your clients. We chose products that pay homage to the essence of communication: multifunctional phone suites and servers that will keep your business flexible and functional for years to come. Here’s what each one has to offer:

  • The SL2100 Communications System: You want flexibility? This phone’s got it. Hyper-compatible, this system integrates with both digital and IP networks, making it the economical choice for forward-thinking small to mid-sized businesses. With five call handling modes for each line, smartphone compatible extensions, presence indicators and WebRTC video conferencing, it’s a versatile solution for businesses that have their sights set on expansion.
  • The Univerge® SV9100 Server: No digital phone system is complete without a robust communications server, and that’s just what the SV9100 delivers. At once simple and powerful, this streamlined piece of equipment offers an extensive suite of Unified Communications and Contact Center solutions and supports a wide range of mobility applications and devices — while allowing you to manage and configure your phone system through a single point. Scalable and reliable, the SV9100 is ready to grow with you anytime you need to upgrade your network.

NEC: A History of Reliability Meets Cutting Edge Innovation

It takes more selection to cement a business’s reputation, of course. Another reason we chose to partner with NEC was for their long history of reliable service. NEC has led all manufacturers in the SMB market for global shipments for the past four quarters — but they’ve been an industry visionary for over 117 years.

Of course, they’re anything but traditional. Despite their long history, NEC maintains a decidedly forward take on technology. More than a manufacturer, NEC is a driving force shaping the information and communications technologies business. Their newest initiatives include leveraging AI and IoT technology to improve physical and online security. They’ve also committed to designing better global communications infrastructure and facial-recognition and fingerprinting technologies by 2050. In fact, they’ve been formally recognized for their contributions to business innovation, garnering the following awards:

  • The Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 Company of the Year award for Enterprise Communications Strategies
  • Named one of Boston Consulting’s 50 Most Innovative Companies in 2015
  • Selected as one of Thomson Reuters’ 2014 Top 100 Global Innovators
  • Picked for the Global 100 Most Sustainable Companies list, announced annually at the World Economic Forum

NEC’s long reputation for sterling service and enterprising mindset makes them perfectly aligned with our values here at Taylored. We believe our relationships — between both our clients and our partners — are the engine that will power us all into the next era.