Why Door Access Control Systems May Be More Important Than Ever

Over the past year, individuals and businesses alike have had to take new and unusual approaches to life and work. In a time of unprecedented uncertainty, one thing is for sure — it has never been more important to protect yourself, your employees and your business. One of the key ways that businesses can protect their people, property and assets is access control. Access control systems help businesses manage and control access to locations and resources even remotely. 

Here, we’ll discuss how access control has changed recently and how businesses can adapt to new working conditions. 

Shifts in Commercial Door Access Systems

The COVID-19 pandemic most certainly has affected the way we live and conduct business. As we move into the future, business owners must consider the lifestyle changes and safety expectations for businesses brought on by the pandemic. 

Many businesses are now operating with few to no employees in-office or are offering hybrid in-office/work-from-home solutions for employees. We can likely expect this trend to continue, not just throughout the duration of the pandemic but into the years ahead as employees and business owners realize the benefits of flexible working solutions. These changes in who has access to buildings, and when, means commercial door access systems must be more flexible, mobile-access friendly, and easy to manage with ever-changing user permissions and access scheduling. 

Touch-free access will become a major trend for businesses in a post-COVID world. It is expected that keypads and even keycards could become subpar in comparison to completely touch-free access solutions such as mobile unlocking. Automatic door opening in conjunction with touchless access control may also be an option for offices going forward. 

Security integrations such as real-time alerts, remote security access and video surveillance will also likely become important considerations for business owners offering remote working solutions. From allowing deliveries to managing employee access schedules, integrating security and video solutions into commercial door access systems will help bring peace of mind, efficiency and increased security while working remotely. 

Future-Proof Access Control 

The keys to ensuring that your business’s commercial door access system will be able to stand the test of time are scalability and flexibility. Modern access control solutions should be “future-proof,” meaning that they can be utilized in a variety of flexible ways, ensuring their functionality and efficiency no matter what type of work setup is happening at your facility. In addition, a future-proof system should allow for easy and seamless upgrades. Cloud-based solutions are ideal for the partially-remote or flexible workplace, as they can be easily monitored, evaluated, changed and upgraded — often at little cost to the business. 

Taylored Systems — Access Control Experts

No matter the size or scope of your business, protecting your people, assets and property should be a top priority, especially in the ever-changing corporate landscape. Taylored has been helping businesses in the Indianapolis area protect their facilities with commercial door access systems for over 30 years. 

Our experience in the industry has given us the unique opportunity to see our client partners through myriad technology and security changes, including the evolution of the remote workforce. Contact us today to learn how your business can benefit from upgraded access control solutions.