Which Video Surveillance System Is Right for Me?

When it comes to protecting your business, video surveillance has changed remarkably over the years. It’s no longer just a fixed camera pointed at the door. New systems and technologies offer various types of cameras, as well as software management systems to support those cameras, and even methods of storage and management such as cloud solutions. With endless options for surveillance security systems, it can be overwhelming to know which is the most effective plan for your business. Here’s what you need to know about choosing a business video surveillance system that is right for you.

The First Step: Choosing Your Video Surveillance Cameras

Although a comprehensive surveillance plan should always be uniquely tailored to fit the specific needs of a business, a high-quality camera and easy-to-use video management software are staples of any plan. 

  • Fixed camera – It’s back to basics with a fixed camera, which views only one scene. Fixed cameras can come equipped with a fixed, varifocal or zoom lens. 
  • PTZ camera – Short for pan, tilt and zoom, a PTZ camera offers an increased area of coverage and scene detail since they can move respond in their real-time environment. 
  • Outdoor camera – Not all crimes happen indoors. An outdoor camera ensures that even the exterior of your business is safe. With weatherproof casing and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, these cameras are sturdy and reliable.
  • Day/Night camera – All types of network cameras can offer day/night functionality. This type of network camera enables higher picture quality and resolution so you can capture improved scene detail even in low lighting. 
  • Panoramic camera – Need a wider area of coverage? Panoramic cameras provide up to 360 degrees in a single view. 
  • Thermal camera – Thermal cameras use the heat signature of objects in order to show more detail in visually restrictive conditions. 

The Second Step: Choosing Your Video Surveillance Video Management Software

The software you use to view and manage your footage is just as important as the cameras that record it — here’s how video management software keeps your business safe and informed.

  • Video access – In the event of an emergency, you’ll need to find incriminating activity as soon as possible — which can make things difficult when you have a stream of constant footage. That’s where video management software, also known as VMS, helps, giving you direct access to footage via time, date or user-defined parameters. Even if you’re away from the building site, you can still access recorded footage remotely and export video clips or stills to share with third parties.
  • Video storage – What good is a high-quality camera if you don’t have a reliable way to store and extract your footage? Video management software allows you to store data in various locations — including on the video server, on a networked video server, on the camera itself or in cloud storage—and makes it easy to retrieve that data.
  • Analytics – Analytics makes efficient use of your storage space by recording only when specific algorithms are met, such as when motion is detected in the scene. Other examples include facial or object recognition, cross line detection, people count, heat mapping, point of sale integration, zone counting, dwell time and masking.
  • Centralized management – Whether you have one small office or a multi-location business, you need a centralized video solution. VMS enables you to view, manage and maintain multiple sites from a single location.

Looking for Business Video Surveillance Systems You Can Rely On?

If you don’t have the right business video surveillance system in place, your business could be vulnerable to a host of threats. Here at Taylored Systems, we’ve been helping businesses protect their employees and their assets for more than 30 years. For more information about advanced equipment that will catch criminals, deter intruders and protect your business overall, download our free e-book The Short List of Physical Security Solutions. You can also contact us at Taylored Systems for advice on how we can tailor our video solutions to best suit the needs of your business.