What Benefits Should I Expect From Cloud Services?

Cloud computing may have once just been a technology buzzword, but these days it’s a necessary tool for any thriving business. Being able to access data and applications from anywhere at any time gives small businesses access to technologies that help them compete with larger organizations in their industry. Curious about how this IT trend is much more secure and efficient than a network of physical servers? Read on to discover thow harnessing the power of the cloud will benefit your business.

Increased Flexibility

If you’re in the growing stages of your business, or if you anticipate fluctuating bandwidth demands, cloud services are just the answer. Should you need to scale cloud capacity up or down at any time, simply change your subscription plan. This level of scalability gives businesses that use cloud computing a real advantage over competitors. In fact, CIOs and IT directors even cite “operational agility” as a top benefit of cloud services.

Plus, you only pay for what you need with cloud services, and this pay-as-you-go method creates a more realistic budget that’s also easier to plan.

Disaster Recovery You Can Count On

Here’s a scary statistic — 43 percent of cyber attacks target small businesses. Even worse, 60 percent of small companies go out of business within six months of a cyber attack.

Cyber threats are a very real risk to your data, which is why a strong disaster recovery plan is essential for any organization, regardless of size. Experts advise businesses to back up their data on a daily basis, or once a week at the very least. But that’s easier said than done when you’ve got a business to run — especially for smaller or newer businesses that lack the experience or budget to do so. With cloud-based services, you have a reliable off-site recovery solution, since your data is automatically backed up in three separate locations. In the case of a virus or malware, your data will be safely stored and retrievable on the cloud.

Automatic Updates

From Instacart shoppers who deliver our groceries to Roombas that clean the dirt and dust from our floors, we are living in a time when so many things we don’t want to do can be done for us — and we can’t get enough of it. Luckily, that brand of automation has made its way into similar chores of the IT world.

You know that routinely patching and updating software, especially server management tools, is one of the most effective ways to increase performance and protect your data from cybercrime. But these periodic updates are time consuming and take you away from the daily demands of running your business. With cloud services, you can rest assured that security and software updates will be performed automatically, so that you don’t have to purchase updates individually and spend time maintaining the system on your own.

Work from Any Location

Besides your device, the only thing you need to utilize cloud services is an internet connection — whether that’s in the office, at home or from a hammock on the beach. Plus, with mobile apps, you’re not restricted to a particular device. A cloud-based workflow and file-sharing apps increase flexibility for in-house and remote employees, since they’re able to collaborate more efficiently, and without restriction, on any platform in real time. In addition to a more streamlined workday, this contributes to the flexible schedules and remote working culture that so many employees cite as the work-life balance they need to remain happy and productive.

When you migrate to the cloud, you can rest easy knowing that your data is protected, your employees are productive, your workflow is streamlined and your business has a leg up for success. If the time has come for your organization to take advantage of cloud computing, Taylored Systems can help.