Using Video Surveillance as an Employee Training Tool

Taylored Systems Video Training Tool

Installing a video surveillance system has become the norm for many business owners. The most common reasons are for added security and loss prevention. Today we are starting to see a growing trend in the utilization of video surveillance systems as employee training tools. A typical security installation would include video cameras, digital video recorders, and CCTV (closed circuit TV). When you change your perception and start to think of the digital recordings as a library of custom training videos, it is easy to see the potential to maximize a return on the investment. Video surveillance systems can help you to train employees, while also mitigating loss and increasing employee security.

Applications of Video Surveillance Training in Businesses

Utilizing this type of resource can greatly enhance the training experience for employees, leading to better understanding of core job processes and procedures. Some examples of areas where this type of video can be useful would be:

  • Customer Service Training
  • Procedural Training
  • Onboarding New Applicants
  • Routine Maintenance Task Training
  • Accident Prevention Training

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Video captured from surveillance cameras can be an even more effective tool when trying to illustrate a point. Training using video of actual customer interactions is by far more instructive than using flat, one-dimensional outlines on paper.

Video is a powerful tool that you don’t want to overlook. Below are just a few examples of how valuable this type of training can be from onboarding new employees through reinforcing skills of tenured staff members.

  • Managers can coach trainees on behaviors by showing a current clip of an employee completing a task properly. This will eliminate the need to be trained extensively by other employees, thus saving the company money and increasing productivity.
  • Companies can monitor the footage of their employees and reward or take action accordingly. Having a video record of employee performance can allow you to clearly see what’s working and what isn’t. When you see an employee doing excellent work rewarding them is easy.
  • Management can increase customer satisfaction by showing real examples of ‘good’ interactions that employees can emulate. Higher customer satisfaction ratings can lead to better retention rates and opportunities for upsell. Alternatively, by showing ‘bad’ customer interactions and how it could be handled differently will help a struggling employee clearly see the path to improvement.
  • Periodically reviewing the video footage can be the key to enabling management to plan future training/education needs of employees, helping in further growth of the company.
  • Companies can use video to verify and document proper operation and maintenance of critical equipment.
  • Using audio enabled surveillance cameras can provide valuable detail you would otherwise miss with a video-only system. Managers can resolve both employee and customer issues by going back and watching/listening to video.

The emerging use of video and audio technologies as training tools is evident in today’s business environment. Partnering with a company that expertly understands that potential is key to seeing immediate return on the investment of a video surveillance system. When you partner with Taylored Systems you can trust that our team of certified engineers will help to plan and implement an innovative solution that will help you meet your goals. Please contact our office at 317-776-4000 to learn how we can help get you started.