Top 5 Features of NEC Phone Systems

In today’s tightening economies, corporate leaders and CIOs must do everything they can to ensure that operations remain nimble and cost-competitive. And that means investing in fully functional, flexible tech that will give you a great return on your investment.

Phone systems often get overlooked in the rush to acquire the latest, greatest devices. But this is one piece of tech that your staff touches every day. If your phones are out of date, your business will suffer, in terms of both your productivity and your ability to compete in your industry.

It was out of that mindset that Taylored chose NEC for our business phone integrations. Cutting-edge equipment has long been the hallmark of the NEC brand, and their phones certainly follow suit. Highly functional headsets and versatile consoles are ready to take your business where it’s going. With features like headset compatibility, adaptable conferencing and in-app integration, it’s virtually a new era in communications for your company.

Headset Compatibility Takes Your Business on the Go

Today’s offices are anything but stagnant. Your workforce needs to be able to transition quickly from conferences to video, from phone calls to their computers. And they need to be able to do it anywhere on the jobsite. The NEC SL2100 phone system features wireless headset compatibility that gives your team the flexibility to move anywhere around the office.

Headsets also reduce muscle fatigue. In fact, one study found that replacing corded handsets with bluetooth headsets reduced neck, shoulder and upper back muscle tension in survey participants by as much as 41%. Headsets with lifters, a device that allows you to answer calls away from the desk, give call staff the ability to stand up and walk around the office. That’s a double win, for both productivity and wellness.

Many high-tier headsets also employ noise-cancelling technology to filter out background noises, so it’s easier for call center teams to focus in busy, bustling surroundings.

Cascade Notifications Make Sure You Never Miss a Call

Workers get asked to juggle an awful lot of balls these days. Never before have we had to manage so much information at once, staying on top of projects, emails, chat messages and calls—all without missing a beat.

There’s no way to filter out all the noise, but you can give your team a little peace of mind with NEC’s cascade notifications feature. Cascade notification means you never have to miss an important call. When a caller leaves a new message in your inbox, cascade notification will call you at up to five destinations to let you know what you missed. So if you’re handling a call at your desk, you can have your mobile alert you precisely when a new message comes in. And that could make the difference when you’re trying to catch a client before they hop on that flight to Japan.

Conferencing for More Productive Collaboration

Work isn’t done in a vacuum, but given the human tendency toward distraction, it’s important that meetings stay focused and on track. The conferencing feature on NEC’s phones makes it easy to jump to quick, informal video chats through the built-in in app feature on your unified communications system.

The NEC SV9300 has an available Unified Communications client, allowing you to convert voice messages to text, respond to voicemail through email, and handle group chats and instant messaging directly from your workstation — wherever that is today. With mobile integration, you can connect your smartphone to the system for a 100% on-the-go conferencing solution.

VoIP and Landline Integrations Position Your Business for the Growth Ahead of You

No piece of equipment is going to allow you to see into your company’s future, no matter how advanced. However, you can at least plan for the broadest range of outcomes. NEC phones and servers are compatible with both voice over IP (VoIP) and landline configurations for the adaptability you need in an unpredictable world.

That flexibility gives you time to plan for infrastructure changes as you grow while maintaining high-quality phone service in between. In fact, the NEC SV9300 can service up to 1,500 different stations, which means it may be quite some time before you need to upgrade!

IP Features Are Easy to Use and Troubleshoot

Digitally compatible NEC phones allow you to troubleshoot service issues directly from the phone. From any headset, press Enter + 96 and you’ll get an immediate display of the system IP address and VoIP Daughter Board (VoIPDB) address.

These reference numbers allow your team to pinpoint issues throughout your system, puzzling out whether issues are related to your device, gateway port or something else entirely. IT damage control has never been less fraught. Now tell me that doesn’t sound good!