The Benefits of Video and Access Control Integration

Since physical security has evolved with the needs of today’s businesses, access control and video surveillance are the top two ways in which technology has helped advance our security and make us feel more safe. Video surveillance offers a strong and reliable method of security by adding a component of visibility. Access control guarantees that a user’s identity is confirmed and authorizes entry. These two methods have traditionally worked well to secure a building and its occupants, but a recent trend in security technology has taken over: Businesses today are integrating access control with video surveillance for a more powerful security measure and a more efficient way to collect data. Here are the top reasons why video and access control integration is beneficial for your business.

Improved Efficiency

The best part about integrating these two layers of security is that all operations become streamlined. This means that both access control and surveillance can be monitored from a single interface on a desktop or even remotely by smartphone app. Both the hardware and software work in tandem for a system that is more effective and user friendly. You’ll experience reduced time spent learning the mechanics of multiple systems and how to operate them separately. Integration also saves on costs, since you’ll be able to perform a single upgrade for your system, rather than spending time and money on upgrading multiple components.

Increased Safety

By merging data from both the video surveillance and access control systems, you can focus on incidents as they happen in real time. This results in improved safety measures as well as the ability to better prevent risks. Tailgaters — unauthorized individuals who follow an approved user into a building — can be dealt with immediately. Fires or hazardous conditions can be located and handled as soon as they begin. Doors can be manually or automatically locked or unlocked immediately, and individuals can be tracked as they move throughout a building and its premises with complete clarity and accuracy.

Centralized Monitoring

One of the most helpful aspects of integrating access control and video surveillance is that you can see everything at once. This centralizing of multiple operations results in a more streamlined way of collecting data, which means a more organized and dependable workflow for your business. What’s more, integrating both operations means that management doesn’t have to interact with each area or assign an administrator to a particular event. When an incident occurs, issues can be immediately addressed, which increases safety for the building and its occupants, and also deters future incidents from occurring.


Still not convinced that integrating video surveillance and access control is the right choice for you? Consider this scenario: A company experiences an overnight theft in its office. A security administrator checks the door access control and sees that the only person who entered the building overnight, according to the name on the card access, was a current employee, who swears he’s innocent. If this company had integrated video surveillance to support their access control, they could access the video feed from the time at which the employee’s card was scanned and see that it was not, in fact, him.

Integrating both systems creates a layered approach that results in a more powerful security system. The video component adds a layer of accountability that access control simply can’t provide on its own. What’s more, video surveillance can cover multiple entrances and exits of a building, monitoring a much wider expanse than a security officer could patrol on foot.

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