Taylored Systems will continue to support Toshiba phone systems

On March 22, 2017 Toshiba America Information Systems informed us they would be stopping operation of their telecommunications division.


  • Continue to ship purchased products until May 22, 2017, subject to stock and availability
  • Honor all existing warranties until the end of the existing warranty commitment
  • Honor all existing SUS (software subscription) until the end of the existing SUS commitment
  • Honor all existing Toshiba maintenance until the end of existing commitment
  • Current production Toshiba systems will continue getting Toshiba tech support for the next 10 years for government and school clients
  • Current production Toshiba systems will continue getting tech support for the next 7 years for all business clients

Any Toshiba system that had been manufactured discontinued before the March 22, 2017 date will continue to have limited or no support from Toshiba, just like in the past.

While this news is not what we want to be relaying, Taylored Systems understands your investment and is here to assist.  Taylored Systems has been a Toshiba dealer for over 26 years and employs 7 certified Toshiba technicians with over 80 years combined Toshiba experience. Taylored Systems CAN and WILL continue to support you and your current Toshiba products.

Taylored Systems has an inventory of parts for our maintenance clients, and will continue to do so to our best effort. The parts we have in stock will continued to be used for maintenance clients and those under agreements with Taylored Systems. If you don’t have a maintenance agreement with us, Taylored Systems does have avenues of getting refurbished and recycled parts to help maintain your Toshiba System.

While we are supporting your current solution, we also feel it is time for strategic long-term future planning. When you are ready, Taylored Systems would encourage you to invite us to help you navigate the many technology options available to you.  In our 35 years, we have never seen a time with more solutions, advancements, and affordability available in business communications. Let our knowledgeable staff help you in making the right long term communication goals for your business.

This has come as a complete surprise to us and all the other Toshiba dealers in North America. We are committed to working with Toshiba in facilitating a smooth transition and continue support of your existing Toshiba systems. Toshiba has always stood behind their product and Taylored Systems believes as they exit the telecommunication market that they will stand up and honor their contractual agreements with all of us.

Taylored Systems can be reached at 317-776-4000, or service@taylored.com if you have additional questions or would like to set a time to discuss what the road forward looks like for all of us.


William L. Taylor

UPDATE: We have replaced the Toshiba products with NEC, learn more here.