Take Your Communication System Everywhere You Need to Go

Integrating Communications for a multi location business- Taylored Systems- managed service provider in Indiana

What if you could gain an average 40 minutes of productivity for every member on your staff, in every office, every day? What if you could do it while saving on local and long distance calling?

Today, nearly half of Americans work remotely at least some of the time. And 63 percent of all businesses say they have a distributed workforce. Meanwhile, survey respondents say they spend around 14 percent of their day emailing, most of it back-and-forth between members of their team. Perhaps even more shocking: workers waste up to 32 days a year navigating their way around poor communication apps, and they may be toggling between 10 different applications at any given time.

Needless to say, that waste is only multiplied when you have employees trying to communicate across several locations.

Saving Time and Money No Matter Where You’re Calling From

Fortunately, there is a solution. Upgrading your phone systems and networking to include unified communications solutions will allow you to access and manage voicemail, conferencing and chat directly from a laptop, tablet or mobile phone — no matter where you’re working for the day.

A voice over IP (VoIP) system or hosted voice network isn’t run over phone lines through a conventional carrier, so you won’t see the long distance and international charges you would with a traditional PBX system. When VoIP is integrated with high-quality cabling and unified communications systems, employees can manage phone calls and voicemail from an application on their desktop or mobile device.

They can launch conferences directly from the chat feature in the unified communications app, or read a text copy of a voicemail in their email. Employees can place calls remotely, and recipients will see the number as if they were calling from your headquarters. It’s essentially a one-stop shop for multi-location businesses.

Benefits of VoIP or Hosted Voice with Unified Communications

You can already see some of the advantages to a unified communications system. But there are several features that apply directly to mobile or remote workforces:

  • Improved videoconferencing systems and video quality
  • More attentive and focused employees during video meetings
  • Fewer emails and shorter email chains
  • Lower administrative burden and less redundant work

It’s all covered in our latest e-book, Integrating Communications for a Multi-Location Business. Download it for free now to learn how networking with Taylored can save you money and improve efficiency, from your home office or across the globe.