Reducing Costs and Improving Security with Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

As more modern technology shifts to the cloud, the push for business owners to move from traditional surveillance camera systems to cloud-based video surveillance gets stronger. For some business owners, the choice is a no-brainer. For others, there is hesitation. As experts in a variety of technology services for businesses of all sizes and industries for over 30 years, Taylored has seen our clients through some of the biggest shifts in technology, including the move to cloud-based video surveillance. 

Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of switching to a cloud surveillance system, from lower operational costs to increased security features. 

Reduces Costs

Although they may seem state of the art, and in many ways are, cloud-based video surveillance solutions do not carry the price tag some users may suspect. In fact, there are many ways that choosing a cloud video service is more economical for businesses. 

Ultimately, cloud video surveillance software and equipment is more cost effective than their traditional predecessors, both initially and in the long run. Labor costs and installation associated with cloud-based video solutions are significantly more affordable, as cloud solutions do not rely on physical infrastructure. 

For example, a business with multiple locations using a traditional surveillance system will need to deploy servers for each of their locations. Cloud-based systems can cut both equipment and labor costs in this type of situation, as they simply rely on an internet connection to function. In addition, cloud video surveillance software can often be integrated into existing security and surveillance systems to help save users even more money. 

Another important consideration around video surveillance is staying up to date with the latest technology. Cloud-based video surveillance solutions typically involve regular system updates with little to no installation needed, making staying up to date much easier and more affordable than with traditional systems. 

Improves Security 

As with any security solution, the safety of an organization, its people, its property and its data is of primary importance. Luckily, surveillance strategies using cloud-based IP camera systems are very secure and offer advanced features that ensure the safety of the space they occupy. 

Cloud-based video surveillance systems can be monitored from anywhere, allowing business owners unparalleled peace of mind with motion notification, system error messages, a live video feed and remote maintenance options. All these features give security teams and organizational leaders more hands-on control over surveillance than traditional systems do. 

In addition, cloud video surveillance software provides more reliable backups. Unlike traditional video surveillance storage, in which overwriting files on a hard drive are common practices, cloud video solutions give users much more freedom in terms of video quality as well as a long history of footage from which to pull from in the event of a security incident. This is because opting for cloud video security allows users a nearly endless amount of storage in which to keep footage. 

As a result of this ability to store vast quantities of data, cloud-based IP camera systems also offer users a better range of video resolution to choose from. High-resolution footage means considerably higher file sizes, so many users with traditional systems find that high-quality videos are cost and space prohibitive. Cloud-based video surveillance solves this problem, allowing users to choose high-res cameras to get the best possible surveillance for their space. Higher resolution cameras result in more accurate surveillance and better identity detection for safer locations. 

Taylored, the Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Experts

For over 30 years, Taylored has been helping businesses throughout Indianapolis and beyond advance their technology solutions, including cloud video surveillance. Our cloud-based video surveillance solutions are designed specifically for each of our clients’ unique needs. Our experts aim to give clients more security while also managing within an organization’s budget — all using the best cameras, IP software and expertise within the industry.

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