Reducing Costs and Improving Security with Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

Businesses both large and small need to have a solid security system in place to protect their people, assets and property. Many modern businesses are at a crossroads with their current systems and are facing the choice of whether to upgrade to a more advanced traditional surveillance system or to cloud video surveillance. 

Although upgrading to new technology may sound overwhelming and expensive, the truth is that cloud-based video surveillance solutions have a variety of benefits, including reduced costs and improved security. Here, we go over these benefits and how they can help your business achieve a greater level of security. 

Reduced Costs

As with any business investment, cost is always a concern. Business owners are concerned with not only the initial investment into a new system but also the ongoing cost for maintenance and upgrades. Luckily, cloud-based video surveillance solutions are very cost effective, both initially and long-term. This is because cloud video security cameras connect via the internet and require little to no infrastructural installation investment. In addition, because the system is tied to the cloud, little hardware outside of the cameras is needed to get started. 

Over time, cloud video surveillance systems are even more cost effective because they can be easily updated with new software, reducing the need for businesses to invest in newer and better technology.

Reduced Storage Space Requirements

One of the ways that cloud video services have transformed the way businesses can manage their security systems is reducing the need for storage space. This is because the cloud has a much larger capacity for storage at a lower cost to business owners. The system is not limited by physical hard drives, so it can hold far more data. This is important for two reasons: 

  1. Businesses can store data for longer periods of time, giving them better coverage in the event of potential security events. 
  2. Businesses can invest in higher resolution cameras, allowing them better images of security events. This is possible with cloud video services because high-resolution video files are larger in size and require more storage space, which is typically cost prohibitive for systems that store data on physical drives. 

Remote Maintenance 

Maintaining a cloud-based IP camera system is not only more cost effective but also easier than maintaining a traditional surveillance system. This is because cloud systems can be managed and updated remotely without the need for a technician to visit in person. Plus, as cloud video security solutions have become more popular, providers have begun to offer better customer service and support, giving business owners added peace of mind. 

Unparalleled Peace of Mind

Cloud-based video surveillance solutions are much more sophisticated than traditional security systems. As a result, they offer a range of functionality and features that bring increased security and therefore added peace of mind. Some of these functions include: 

  • Immediate and remote notification in the event of a security issue
  • Remote updates on status and functionality of cameras and system connectivity
  • Instant accessibility to view cameras via mobile devices and computers, even if not on the property
  • Advanced and customizable settings to create notifications that are unique to each business’s needs, such as instant notifications if certain cameras sense movement at particular times

Taylored — Helping Secure Your Business 

For over 35 years, Taylored has been helping businesses of all sizes across multiple industries stay secure and up to date with customized technology solutions, including cloud-based video surveillance software and cameras. We work directly with each client to create a customized cloud surveillance system that meets the business’s unique security needs. 

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