Office Security Systems in Indiana

When used in combination with proven security practices, office security systems help your company protect its people and property — reducing liability and loss in the process.

Our office security systems for Indiana businesses are designed to address several key areas of concern, including access control and video surveillance.

If it's been a while since you evaluated office security systems, you should know that there have been many recent advances in security industry technology. Digital cameras, recorders, access control systems and other technologies can now be fully connected to a network, allowing for a massive range of functionality. In addition to monitoring and triggering alarms, modern office security systems use automation to take preventative action. 

Office security systems can also respond to an event by adjusting an HVAC system, changing the lighting, powering down certain equipment, contacting law enforcement and other essential actions. The result is a comprehensive emergency response system that is just as capable of responding to fires as it is to break-ins.

Office Security Systems in the New Normal

Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the physical workplace has gone through dramatic changes in recent years, and office security systems have adjusted to meet a range of changes, including the rise of flexible workspaces and satellite office locations.

In a recent survey by CBRE, 56 percent of companies said they are currently using flexible workspaces and 43 percent anticipated increased use of these temporary shared working environments. The success of remote working during the pandemic appears to be driving this shift. The main reason for adopting more flexible working environments among respondents was a desire to have a network of locations for remote workers. Companies that use flexible workspaces need to take office security into consideration. Coworking spaces often have different access control systems, making credentials and other security issues quite complicated.

Companies are also increasing their use of more permanent satellite locations. These smaller branch offices are designed to provide physical space for collaboration that can accommodate hybrid and remote workers. They also help bring a company closer to where employees live, whether that’s in urban centers or outer suburbs. Unfortunately, some legacy systems are not able to handle multiple physical locations. For example, some legacy access control systems only store users added to the local server and are incapable of transferring users between physical locations.

The increase in hybrid and remote work also means employees are less synchronous in their comings and goings, with inconsistent foot traffic patterns that are difficult to predict. This makes office security more challenging, especially when it comes to granting access to facilities and managing credentials.

The COVID-19 pandemic also brought to light a host of other challenges that fall under the purview of office security. In the event of another pandemic, security personnel and office security systems may have to perform temperature checks and comply with contact tracing procedures. Facilities may have to be shut down either temporarily or permanently.

Companies that fail to meet these challenges will have major gaps in their physical security, increasing their vulnerability. Fortunately, modern office security systems are able to meet these challenges.

Types of Security Systems for Offices

Modern office security systems typically focus on two main areas: access control and video surveillance.

Access Control for Offices

As you may have guessed, access control systems control access to an entire facility or a location within it. For thousands of years, we’ve used locks and keys for access control, and while the main principle hasn’t changed, digital access control systems bring a lot more to the table:

  • Variable access. Access can be granted for certain times and certain days. This functionality is particularly useful for employees with asynchronous schedules.
  • Documentation. A modern office security system can record every opening and attempted opening of a door. This can be used to resolve disputes and trace the movements of employees.
  • No need for physical keys. Physical keys can be lost, stolen or damaged. They also have to be collected when employees are no longer with the company. Modern office security systems use ID badges and biometrics that can easily be activated or devastated.
  • Real-time notifications. Modern systems can send text messages and push notifications in the event of unauthorized access or other critical situations.
  • Integrations with other systems. Access control systems can be easily integrated with video surveillance and other office security systems to create a comprehensive approach.

Video Surveillance for Offices

A modern video surveillance security system consists of many different components, most of which are interchangeable. With respect to the cameras themselves, image resolution is the biggest consideration, but it isn’t the only one. Outdoor, day-night, panoramic, thermal imaging and other types of cameras can be used to provide the type of surveillance a company needs.

Another big part of a video surveillance system is its Video Management Software (VMS). This software can be used to switch on cameras only when motion is detected or quickly scan through hours of footage to find a specific event. Companies also need to decide where any recorded video will be stored and if the system needs to be managed from a centralized location.

While the main reason for video surveillance is loss prevention, a system can also be used for quality assurance, production control, inventory tracking and employee training.

How Taylored Systems Can Help

At Taylored Systems, we understand that our people are the keys to our clients’ success. For more than 40 years, we’ve cultivated a staff that’s both technically skilled and able to offer exceptional service.

Our team will work with your company to develop a custom office security plan made for the modern workplace. We can provide your organization with access control, video surveillance and other solutions that prevent loss and lower liability.

If you’d like to learn more about our comprehensive approach to office security, you can either contact us through our website or give us a call at 317-776-4000. While we are located in Noblesville,  we regularly serve businesses in Anderson, Carmel, Columbus, Fishers, Indianapolis, Muncie, Westfield and all across central Indiana.