Let’s Stay Together: Taylored’s Relationship-Building Approach

Feeling unloved by your technology vendor? You’re certainly not in the minority. When you have to fight other clients for your provider’s time, or when they don’t deliver as promised, it’s easy to feel that creeping feeling of vendor remorse.

These kinds of relationship breakdowns are precisely why Taylored places such a high priority on service and vendor/client communication. We don’t focus solely on the tech; instead, we work to establish long-term partnerships with our clients through trust and expertise.

Basically, our love for our clients is real; it’s a deep commitment we renew every day. In fact, we feel so strongly about it, we’ve written a whole love letter to our customers. Read it below to learn about our happy customers — and discover why you might just fall in love with our services too.

Vendor/Client Relationship Building

Technology may move fast, but we believe that regardless of the technology at hand, the basic qualities of a good tech vendor remain the same: a company you can rely on to get you quick solutions and reliable information.

At the core of our client model lies relationship building. Many of our clients choose to work with us as an all-in-one IT vendor. Under this model, we are able to assign a specific “virtual CIO” to each client account, giving our customers a single point of contact for billing, reporting, project management and event response.

Over time, our clients and vendor contact person form a lasting relationship. Intimate knowledge of your business practices and pain points allows us to provide better recommendations and consulting services for improved technology overall. When it comes to providing you with the technology and guidance you need, we’re not afraid of commitment.

Establishing Trust Through Transparency and Reliability

Every great relationship begins with trust, and the client/vendor relationship is no different. Our salespeople and account managers are not here to talk you into technology you don’t need. We meet our clients at their level, providing solutions for small businesses with two or three employees all the way up to large enterprise organizations with locations across the globe.

We also provide regular performance metrics so you can see exactly how your systems are doing — and where exactly you should be investing your technology budget. We believe this level of insight only strengthens our relationships with our customers. After all, trust is earned, not given.

Real Expertise for Real Businesses

When providers send out inexperienced technicians, your technology is bound to suffer. At Taylored, our expertise leads the way, shining a light into the confusing world of technology infrastructure. When we say expertise, we mean it: All of our technicians have been with us for a number of years, and some over a decade.

Additionally, because we work to establish long-term relationships with clients, we are able to provide more accurate solutions today, and down the road. Our aim is to learn your business strategy — your processes, goals, concerns and more — so we can offer solutions that will get you where you want to go.

You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Our client record speaks for itself, with plenty of satisfied customers in a range of fields. Want to see the evidence for yourself? Download our e-book Strategic Ways to Increase Efficiency of Your Technology Platform to read some of our rave reviews — and learn more about how our solutions can improve your technological infrastructure, physical security and communications systems.Or just get in touch now to talk to a representative directly and receive a free quote for your current technology needs, and start experiencing the Taylored difference right away. Your business and Taylored: True love does exist.