Is Outsourcing IT the Right Move for Your School?

Why Do You Need a Managed Services Provider for Your School IT?

K–12 classrooms look a whole lot different these days. Instead of spiral-bound notebooks and pencils, students are using laptops or computer tablets to assist in their learning.

This next-generation style of learning can greatly benefit both students and teachers for its sense of personalized and interactive study. As a result, districts and administrators are increasingly dedicating their budgets to accommodate this — but there are still some barriers that stand in the way. Many school IT departments might not be positioned to handle the system overhaul that’s required to facilitate mobile learning. What’s more, traffic to and from third-party websites, as well as students using social media, can pose critical security threats.

To make the most of this technology-forward learning experience for your school, you need an IT infrastructure that runs seamlessly. That means partnering with a managed services provider that can help protect your data and school IT systems, manage technical issues and keep your students safe.

24/7 Backup Monitoring Keeps Your Data Safe

From financial data to student records to lesson plans, your school is responsible for a massive amount of sensitive data. But what happens when your servers are down? With a managed services provider, you can rest easy that your information is always backed up, so that you’ll never lose or have to wait on data you need because of an outage.

Cloud-based storage backup offers a safe and easy way to protect your critical information with built-in encryption. With redundant backup solutions, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your files are automatically saved in multiple locations so that it’s always safe and immediately retrievable. Never worry about losing another transcript, test score or lesson plan again.

Network Updates Eliminate Timely Maintenance

Maintaining a wireless network can be timely and costly. It includes keeping hardware and software up to date while also protecting against security threats — a pretty tedious job when you’ve got a school to run.

When you partner with a managed IT services provider, you release the burden of ongoing maintenance such as network updates. We take care of everything for you, optimizing your network for speed, software compatibility and monitoring, and increased network range. Our anti-virus and anti-malware protection keep your systems and your students safe. We take care of the maintenance so you and your IT staff can focus on more education-relevant goals for your school.

Web Filtering Keeps You CIPA Compliant

Since the proliferation of schools incorporating digital learning, CIPA compliance has become a primary concern for the safety of students at all times and from all devices. When you partner with an MSP, you gain access to website filtering that allows you detailed control over students’ internet usage.

Cloud-based routing solutions allow you to establish browsing guidelines, block access to specified sites — including social media — and manage complex access policies for unique users. Staff can update and configure routers with ease, and even schedule automatic adjustments to occur overnight. We keep you CIPA compliant so you can keep your students safe and armed with the tools they need to succeed.

Round-the-Clock Server Monitoring for an Optimized School IT Network

Our 24/7 monitoring and maintenance for server, PC and network means you never have to worry about a system going down when you need it. Think of us as the lookout tower for your entire IT infrastructure to make sure it’s always optimized. From a network outage to suspicious emails, our automated notification system gives us immediate insights to even the slightest issue so that we can take care of it before it becomes a problem.

Ready to relieve the cost and time-wasting burden of maintaining your school IT systems and dealing with technical issues? Here at Taylored Systems, we’ve got thirty years of experience helping businesses and schools manage their IT needs. Contact us today and let us take care of the technical side of your network, so you can focus on your students.